Australian Agricultural Industries Web Maps

​The Australian Agricultural Industries Web Maps (Web Maps) is a series of prototype maps showcasing catchment scale land use and associated data for selected agricultural commodities.

The Web Maps have been created by ABARES, on behalf of the Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP) to demonstrate the detailed information available in the catchment scale land use data.

About the data

Catchment scale land use data is produced by combining state and industry data, fine-scale satellite data and information collected in the field. This involves successive stages of data collection, interpretation (including producing draft land use maps), verification (involving field checking and editing), independent validation, quality assurance and the production of final outputs (including land use data, metadata and validation results).

Land use is classified according to the Australian Land Use and Management Classification (ALUMC). Jurisdictions are now encouraged to map land uses to the commodity level with bananas being one of the first commodities piloted.

Bananas Web Map

To assist the banana industry manage the risk of Panama disease (Tropical race 4), ACLUMP partners have mapped banana plantations in northern Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Funding was made available through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Northern Territory is currently updating land use data. This banana map will be updated when their data are publically available.


Last reviewed:
02 Sep 2019