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The Monitor is an online tool that delivers a broad range of climatic, production, biophysical and economic information, for various regions throughout Australia.

The Monitor provides the ability to explore and report on spatial, temporal and point-based data and information at various regional scales. The Monitor also provides access to a mapping interface to view spatial data against several different region types.

Latest updates

Land management practice trends in Australia dataset. September 2014

The Land management practice trends in Australia dataset provides information that helps track trends in the adoption of key land management practices in Australia over time. The land management practices include: tillage, management of crop residue, management of soil acidity and management of ground cover. The dataset also provides information on farm management characteristics such as average age of managers and sources of information used for making decisions. The data is presented as charts that provide information on specific land management practices and farm management characteristics at the national, state and natural resource management (NRM) region level.

A quick start guide is available to help you to access and use the land management practice trends information on the Monitor.

Ground cover maps and charts.  October 2014

Information on bare soil, green vegetation and non-green vegetation is now available to February 2014. Ground cover maps and charts, derived from the MODIS satellite sensor at 500 metre resolution, provide information on the amount of living (green), dry and dead (non-green) vegetation protecting the soil surface. Ground not covered by living, dry or dead vegetation is classified as bare ground. Ground cover changes in response to climate, vegetation dynamics and land management. Maintaining ground cover levels of at least 70 per cent is encouraged to prevent soil erosion. Maps of median values for the ground cover components are available by month, season and year. Charts of bare soil, green vegetation and non-green vegetation with rainfall are available for the IBRA sub-bioregions.

A quick start guide is available to help you access and use ground cover information on the Monitor. For more information see the Ground cover monitoring for Australia website.

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