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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OUTLOOK 2017 ~ Innovation in agricultu​​​re - capturing the opportunities

TUESDAY 7 MAR​​CH (9:00 –11:00am)

The Ou​tlook 2017 theme is Innovation in agriculture - capturing the opportunities, which recognises that while the Australian agriculture sector is highly innovative, the drivers of change are accelerating. Global markets are expanding, con​sumer preferences are diversifying and the internet's increasing connectivity is generating data about everything. Businesses will need to adapt and utilise new business models, markets, technologies and information to grow and prosper.

​​​​​​​​​ROYA​​​​L THEATRE​​​

9.00 – 9.30am
Opening address
The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

Leigh Radford, ABC Rural
Welcome to Country

​​​​Economic overview 9.30 – 11.00am

Leigh Radford, ABC Rural

Peter Gooday

Innovatio​​​n i​​n agriculture

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.1 MB]

Chris Richardson
Deloitte Access Economics
The big picture

Presentation PDF icon PDF [268 KB]

Michael Every

The Great Games of Global Trade – exploring shifting patterns of regional trade as politics changes in the US

Presentation PDF icon PDF [2.2 MB]

​11.00am – 11.30am ​Morning tea​​​​

​TUESDAY 7 MARCH (11:30 – 1:00pm)


Digital innovation in agriculture 

The emergence of pervasive data about agriculture is driving innovation and creating opportunities for individual farmers and for the sector. The expert panel will explore how data collected on farms and along supply chains can improve marketing, productivity, environmental sustainability and safety on farms. The panel will consider where there are gaps in skills, in knowledge and in tools that need to be addressed.  Be part of the conversation about how consumer demand for increased information about the food we eat and the clothes we wear is driving innovation in agricultural production globally.​

Ticky Fullerton, Sky News Business 

The Hon. Angus Taylor MP
Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation

Dalene Wray
OBE Organic

Richard Heath
Australian Farm Institute

David Henry
CSIRO Agriculture & Food

Jane Weatherley
Meat & Livestock Australia
1:00 – 2.00pm Lunch​

TUESDAY 7 MARCH (2.00pm – 3.30pm) ​ ​




Improving farm performance through innovation

Fisheries and aquaculture — new approaches for the 21st century

Novel pest management technologies: benefits at the farm gate

Ticky Fullerton
Sky News Business

Patrick Hone
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Matt Koval
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Tom Jackson
Farm performance: making the most of a good year

Presentation PDF icon PDF [692 KB]

Media release - Australian broadacre farm incomes at record high

Robert Curtotti
Innovation — shaping the outlook for fisheries and aquaculture​

Presentation PDF icon PDF [628 KB]

Andreas Glanznig
Invasive Animals CRC
New and emerging pest animal management technologies for farmers


Emma Robinson
Caerphilly Station, QLD
Can the co-operative business model future proof the family farm?

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.6 MB]

Pia Winberg
Venus Shell Systems
Breaking food paradigms with seaweed

Presentation PDF icon PDF [4.8 MB]

Cameron Allan
Meat & Livestock Australia
Biocontrol and the end-user experience in livestock industries

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.6 MB]

Darrin Lee
Bligh Lee Farms, WA
The digital agriculture space

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.9 MB]

Brad Adams
Ocean Grown Abalone
Abalone ranching - an innovative aqua-tech business model

Presentation PDF icon PDF [334 KB]

Andy Sheppard
Future opportunities for using technology in pest and weed management

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.8 MB]


Roger Edwards
Goolwa PipiCo
Goolwa Pipis – a rake to plate revolution

Presentation PDF icon PDF 1.5 MB]


3.30 – 4.00pm      Afternoon tea
​ ​​

TUESDAY 7 March (4.00 – 5.30pm)




Grains – b​​​oosting competitiveness through innovation

Adapting to a future with less​ wate​​r

Doing bu​​siness – accounting for our natural capital

Steve Jefferies
Grains Research and Development Corporation

David Parker
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Alistair Davidson
Grains and oilseeds: outcomes, outlook and opportunities

Presentation PDF icon PDF [720 KB]

Media release - Top of the crops: record production forecast

David Galeano
Drivers of future water prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin

Presentation PDF icon PDF [476 KB]

Peter Cosier
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists
Measuring the condition of our landscapes

Presentation PDF icon PDF [2.8 MB]

Mat Regan
CBH Group
Focus on innovation – enhances the value of growers' grain

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.9 MB]

Peter Durand 
Irrigation Australia
Innovations in on-farm irrigation

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.1 MB]

James Bentley
National Australia Bank
Banking on natural capital – lowering the risks

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.4 MB]

Ben Boughton
Satamap / Gilroy Farms, NSW
Is there profit in pixels?

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.4 MB]

Simo Tervonen
Waterfind Australia
Maturing markets - the role that water markets have played in the effective utilisation of a scarce resource

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.4 MB]

Jenny O'Sullivan
Malabar, Gippsland, VIC
How farmers are using natural capital management to market products​

Presentation PDF icon PDF [5.0 MB]

6.30pm for 7.00pm   Conference dinner with Science Awards presentation
MC *   Ticky Fullerton, Sky News Business

WEDNESDAY 8 MARCH (9:00 –11:00am)


9.00 – 9.30am
Ministerial address by Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources
Leigh Radford, ABC Rural

Global perspectives on agriculture
9.30am – 11.00am

Leigh Radford, ABC Rural

Warren Preston​
United States Department of Agriculture
US short and long term outlook

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.1 MB]

Ashok Gulati
Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
Innovation in Indian agriculture

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.8 MB]

Kym Anderson
University of Adelaide and Australian National University
Trade related policy trends and global food security

Presentation PDF icon PDF [2.1 MB]

​11.00am – 11.30am ​Morning tea​​​​

WEDNESDAY 8 March (11.30am – 1.00pm)




Climate change: recent effects on crop yield and productivity​

Natura​​​l fibres: weaving a path for the future

Emergi​ng i​​​​ndustries: innovating for new markets

Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Paul Swan
Australian Wool Innovation​​

Dave Alden
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Neil Plummer
Bureau of Meteorology
Climate variability and change: when the past is no longer the best guide to the future

Presentation PDF icon PDF [2.1 MB]

Caroline Gunning-Trant
Natural fibres: initiatives for a sustainable future

Presentation PDF icon PDF [780 KB]

Media release - Fine figures for Australian wool

Julie Cameron
Meredith Dairy
Dairy goat and sheep: overcoming the transition challenges from local markets to exports

Presentation PDF icon PDF [11.0 MB]

Zvi Hochman
Wheat yields have stalled since 1990 as technology and climate change battle it out

Presentation PDF icon PDF [2.2 MB]

Angus Ireland
Australian Wool Innovation
Wool and wellbeing – new markets for Australian wool

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.1 MB]


Colin Valverde
AquaVerde Redclaw​​
Potential for productivity gains: innovative new technology for hatchery raised juvenile redclaw crayfish

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.0 MB]

Neal Hughes
Climate adjusted productivity on cropping farms: the slowdown and the rebound

Presentation PDF icon PDF [880 KB]

Rick Lambell
Kmart Australia
Australian grown cotton: how Kmart is aligning its sustainable development goals with a new market opportunity

Presentation PDF icon PDF [15.4 MB]

Peter Stahle
Australian Truffle Growers Association
Australia's truffle industry: consolidating export markets and protecting our reputation for high quality

Presentation PDF icon PDF 652 KB]

1.00pm – 2.30pm extended lunch and network​ing

WEDNESDAY 8 March (2.30pm – 4.00pm)




Meat: digitally savvy and spatially aware

Exploring new directions for dairy

Horticulture and winegrapes: production and marketing innovation

Ralph Shannon
Southern Australian Meat Research Council

Leigh Radford, ABC Rural

David Moore
Horticulture Innovation Australia

Trish Gleeson
Outlook for meat - steering through the headwinds

Presentation PDF icon PDF [844 KB]

Media release - Bright outlook for Australian livestock industries

Peter Collins
Prospects for dairy

Media release - Dairy prices and exports forecast to rise

Presentation PDF icon PDF [368 KB]

Opening comments
Senator the Hon Anne Ruston
Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

Anna Speer
Online livestock marketing – the industry's future

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.56 MB]

Fabrizio Jorge​
Fonterra Australia
Innovation in dairy processing

Presentation PDF icon PDF [744 KB]

Thomas Astell-Burt
University of Wollongong

James Boland
Big Ampi Station, NSW
Integrating data and science with experience and wisdom

Presentation PDF icon PDF [2.28 MB]

John McQueen
Australian Dairy Farmers
Dairy as a future​

Presentation PDF icon PDF [712 KB]

​Emma Germano
Germano Produce
Growing the vegetable pie – export strategies for Australian horticultural producers

Presentation PDF icon PDF [3.27 MB]

Mick Keogh
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Improving the competitiveness​ of the Australian cattle and beef industry

James McKeefry
Dairying: a challenge and an opportunity

Presentation PDF icon PDF [556 KB]

Michael Rocca
Wine Australia
VinSite​s: satellite imagery for a competitive edge

Presentation PDF icon PDF [1.21 MB]

4.00pm afternoon tea and conferenc​e close
​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​