​​​​​Farm surveys conducted by ABARES provide a broad range of information on the current and historical economic performance of farm business units in the rural sector.

ABARES conducts a range of surveys each year including the Australian agricultural and grazing industries survey (AAGIS) and Australian dairy industry survey (ADIS) which have been conducted annually for over 30 years. These two surveys cover detailed financial, physical and socioeconomic information for the broadacre and dairy sectors that contain around 68 per cent of Australian farm business units.

Information gathered is presented in the publication Australian farm surveys results as well as in a range of industry publications such as Australian grains, Australian lamb, Australian beef and Australian dairy.


A large selection of AAGIS and ADIS data for the period from 1989-90 is available for selection and download via:

Summary AAGIS and ADIS data tables

Four summary data tabulations that cover the last three survey years of AAGIS and ADIS surveys are available for download.

These tables include detailed information of farm receipts, costs, financial performance, farm capital, debt, equity and off farm income as well as numbers of farms, lives​tock numbers, crop areas, livestock and crop production. In addition, distributions of farms by key financial performance measures are provided.

Farm survey data for the beef, lamb and sheep industries

A large selection of AAGIS data for beef, lamb and sheep industries covering the period from 1989-90 is available for selection and download via:

ABARES farm survey methodology and definitions

Resource management survey

The Australian government has developed a range of programs to encourage sustainable agriculture and protect Australia's natural resources. These programs include the National Landcare Program, the Natural Heritage Trust and, more recently, the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality.

The 2001-02 resource management survey was designed to investigate the perceptions of, and responses to, land degradation by Australian broadacre and dairy farmers, and to assist in the ongoing evaluation of these natural resource management programs. The resource management survey is a supplementary survey attached to our national survey of broadacre and dairy industries, allowing information from these surveys to be combined. A client report was also produced based on this data.