Regulator performance frameworks

​The Australian Government’s Regulator performance framework was released in October 2014 by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The framework aims to improve the performance of regulators by establishing a means for Commonwealth regulators to evaluate, in partnership with key stakeholder groups, overall regulatory performance.

For our department, the framework applies to the following organisational functions:

  • the delivery of biosecurity functions
  • the control of exports, including certification
  • the regulation of importation of timber products and processing of raw logs to combat illegal logging
  • the monitoring of imported food
  • the collection of levies for research, development and marketing
  • the implementation of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme.

The framework requires regulators to annually assess their performance against six outcomes-based key performance indicators covering reducing regulatory burden, communications, risk-based and proportionate approaches, efficient and coordinated monitoring, transparency, and continuous improvement.

Evidence metrics

To support our assessment against the mandatory KPI’s, evidence metrics have been developed.

Regulator Performance Framework 2016-17


DocumentsPagesFile size
Regulator Performance Framework 2015-16 PDF 81 MB
Regulator Performance Framework 2015-16 DOCX 8304 KB

We are working to continually to refine the framework. With experience and as our data and evidence gathering becomes more integrated with our normal business practices and processes, the range and volume of evidence available to assist in monitoring and performance will increase.

Annual Self-Assessments

The Department has now completed its first self-assessment covering the 2015-16 reporting period. The self-assessment has been validated by the Agricultural Industry Advisory Council.


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Regulator Performance Framework – self-assessment report 2015-16 PDF 451.67 MB
Regulator Performance Framework – self-assessment report 2015-16 DOCX 452.03 MB

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