Working with you

​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides modern, flexible and professional services, making it easier for you to work with us.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we aim to make it easier for you to find what you need and meet your regulatory obligations.

We are improving our services in many ways and this is what it means for you.

Post Entry Quarantine

You can now make online reservations for cats and dogs and plants at the Australian Government’s new Post Entry Quarantine facility.

How it affects you

You can now complete many online transactions with us:

  • request a reservation
  • pay for your services
  • provide documents and other information
  • request alerts and booking status notifications
  • amend or cancel a booking.

Online payments, invoicing and receipts

Use our new online payment options to pay for our services at a convenient time.

How it affects you

Receive improved invoices with clearer service information and advice on our new online payment options.
You can also receive invoices and receipts electronically.

Biosecurity Act 2015

The Biosecurity Act 2015 commenced on 16 June 2016 replacing the Quarantine Act 1908.

The Biosecurity Act will allow us to manage biosecurity risk in a more modern and effective way through a strong, clear and flexible legislative framework.

How it affects you

The Biosecurity Act introduces new requirements for managing the biosecurity risks associated with goods, people and conveyances entering Australia. Some changes affect everyone interacting with the biosecurity system, while other changes are specific to individual industries or import pathways. Read the quick guide to the Act to find out some of the key changes to our biosecurity operations.

Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON)

Our new Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON) in now available. BICON replaced the Import Conditions Database (ICON). BICON provides clear and consistent information on import conditions and how to apply for import permits.

How it affects you

More easily manage consignments and comply with biosecurity legislation, resulting in fewer delays at the border.

Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS)

Our Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS) allows customs brokers and commercial importers to lodge documents online for imported cargo, instead of using email or visiting an office.

From 30 March 2016, all Full Import Declarations and Self Assessed Clearance upgrades are required to be lodged through COLS. The benefits of using COLS include being able to lodge documentation online, anytime, add additional documentation to your lodgement without losing your place in the queue and being able to check the status of your assessment in real time.

How it affects you

You will no longer be able to lodge your documents via email except for identified exempted commodities. For more information, please go to the COLS webpage.

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