Sustainability and Biosecurity Policy Division

​​​​​​​​The long-term future of Australia’s agricultural food, fisheries and forestry industries, and the rural and regional communities that depend on them, require a sustainably managed resource base.

The Sustainability and Biosecurity Policy division works with community groups, industries, and governments to develop strategies for improved natural resource management. This includes encouraging farmers and land managers to maintain and improve the natural resource base on which agricultural production relies, such as soil, native vegetation, water and atmosphere.

Our work includes:

  • developing and implementing policy and programmes that ensure marine living resources and agricultural land is managed sustainably, including Caring for our Country and Landcare
  • implementing policies and programmes that promote community engagement in Landcare
  • weeds and pest animals policy
  • Indigenous policy
  • Commonwealth and national fisheries management, including aquaculture
  • water and irrigation policies and programmes

There are three branches in the SRM division.

First Assistant Secretary

  • Ian Thompson
    Switchboard: +61  2 6272 3933


  • Assistant Secretary
    Gordon Neil

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Assistant Secretary
    Sally Standen

National Biosecurity Policy & Response

  • Assistant Secretary
    Melissa Brown (A/g)

Natural Resources Development Taskforce​

  • Assistant Secretary
    Michelle Lauder​
Last reviewed:
25 Feb 2015