Chestnut Blight - National Management Group considers revised response plan

September 2014

The National Management Group (NMG) met on 1 August 2014 to consider the chestnut blight eradication programme.

In June 2014, Chestnut Blight was confirmed on two additional properties in Victoria. Tracing investigations discovered links between the new incursions and previously identified infected premises.

The additional detections led to a review of the Chestnut Blight Response Plan. NMG unanimously agreed to support the amended Chestnut Blight Response Plan, which included a revised budget for surveillance, destruction and Owner Reimbursement Costs for affected growers.

As part of their normal commitments, NSW has also placed an additional five properties under surveillance.

The NMG welcomed the formal involvement of Chestnuts Australia to the response, congratulating them on their commitment to the response.  Chestnuts Australia will participate in the Consultative Committee on Emergency Plant Pests (CCEPP) and as NMG members.

Technical experts across the country have agreed that despite the recent notifications, there remains a high degree of confidence that Chestnut Blight can be eradicated. Victoria anticipates that after a further two years of surveillance, without new detections, eradication of Chestnut Blight from Victoria will be declared in July 2016.​