Indonesia-Australia Partnership on Food Security in the red meat and cattle sector Communique 27 April 2016

On 27 April 2016, Indonesian and Australian Government and industry Partnership members met in Jakarta, Indonesia to participate in the fourth meeting of the Indonesia-Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector (the Partnership).

Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Paul Grigson, opened proceeding’s and emphasised the achievements of the Partnership as a great example of how both countries are working together for mutual economic benefit. The Partnership demonstrates the long term commitment of both countries in this important sector

Both the Indonesian Co-Chair, Dr Himawan Hariyoga, and Australian Co-chair, Ms Louise van Meurs, noted the Partnership’s achievements in facilitating closer relations between industry and government, as well as its role in strengthening the Indonesian-Australian red meat and cattle industry as part of a globally competitive supply chain. Co-chairs noted the importance of the development of the long term vision of the Partnership as well the finalisation of the Partnership’s communication plan to further promote its achievements.

Partnership members engaged in a policy dialogue session of ‘Cattle breeding production systems of Australia and Indonesia’.  This session included presentations from the Indonesian government, including the Director General of Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, as well as Indonesian industry on their policy vision for developing the Indonesian cattle breeding herd to improve food security. Presentations were also provided by Australia, including from the Northern Territory Government on its experiences in developing a successful cattle breeding and production sector in Northern Australia, and insights from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) on their activities for Indonesian smallholder cattle farmers.

The policy dialogue assisted both countries to understand the complexities around the development of an efficient cattle breeding industry, specifically Indonesia’s cattle breeding ambitions and issues to consider to maximise productivity. Co-chairs agreed to the secretariat finalising the next theme of the policy dialogue around competition and trade policy.

Partnership members reviewed progress of current programmes including:

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures in Indonesian processing facilities;
  • Promoting sustainable commercial scale beef breeding in Indonesia;
  • Cattle breeder support activities for East Kalimantan small holders;
  • Development of best practice guidelines for cattle handling from port to feedlot;
  • Skills development programme short courses; and,
  • Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association Pastoral Industry Student Programme 2016.

Partnership members provided in-principle endorsement of the following proposals, noting that the projects would be progressed by the Co-chairs out of session after the upcoming Australian election:

  • Policy and Problem Solving Visits programme
    • This activity will be a government to government and industry targeted policy and problem solving visits programme that will focus on topical issues that require specific or immediate attention. For example, the program could include capacity building to improve the knowledge of the Commission of Supervision of Business Competition on the beef and cattle sector supply chain.
  • Proof of concept study to determine the feasibility of a cattle bonded logistics zone in Indonesia
    • This project will be an initial scoping/proof of concept study to determine the feasibility and viability of a bonded logistics zone within Indonesia for cattle and beef processing.
  • Small scale supply chain infrastructure analysis
    • This activity will investigate the existing cattle related logistic chain in connection with supply of cattle from Australia to Indonesia and ultimately to the final destination within the regencies and small farm holders.
  • Skills Development programme expansion
    • The Secretariat will finalise a proposal to expand the programme to train at least 100 Indonesian’s, both in Australia and in Indonesia through strengthening the train the trainer aspects of the program.
  • Beef consumption trends in Indonesia
    • The project will examine the beef consumption trends of Indonesian protein consumers to provide an analysis of historical and future consumption patterns.

Partnership members discussed progress on the development of a joint Indonesia-Australia long term vision for the red meat and cattle industry which will describe its priorities and how the government, industry, and the Partnership can contribute to achieving this vision. Critically, it will inform the future work of the Partnership and assist members to agree to longer term priority areas for funding from 2017/18 onwards. The vision will be developed throughout 2016 and presented at the fifth Partnership meeting for consideration.

A joint communications plan was discussed and will be finalised out-of-session to further promote the achievements and outcomes of the Partnership more widely.  The communication plan will assist in the effective communication among the public and external stakeholders in both Indonesia and Australia.  

The Co-chairs will meet inter-sessionally to review progress of Partnership activities. The next formal meeting of the Partnership was agreed to take place in September 2016 in Australia.  


Australian delegation


  • Ms Louise van Meurs (Co-Chair) – First Assistant Secretary, Trade and Market Access Division, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Mr Tom Connor – Assistant Secretary, Indonesia Economic and Political Strategy Branch, South East Asia Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Mr Kym Hewett – Minister (Commercial) & Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade


  • Mr Terry Nolan – Director, Nolan Meats PTY LTD
  • Mr Gary Stark – Managing Director, Stark Engineering Pty Ltd & Warwick Cattle Crush Company
  • Mr Ken Warriner – Chairman, GRM International
  • Dr John Ackerman – Industry expert


  • Mr Dean Merrilees – Minister Counsellor (Agriculture), Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Mr Andrew Simpson – International Business Manager, Southern Asia, Meat and Livestock Australia

Secretariat and other members of delegation

  • Mr Ian Mortimer – Director, Indonesia, Middle East and South Asia, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Mr Robin Flint – Assistant Director, Indonesia Partnership Unit, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Ms Christine Shannon – Director, Indonesia Economic and Trade Section, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Ms Brianna Page – Policy Officer, Indonesia Economic and Trade Section, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Ms Mirah Nuryati – Country Manager for Indonesia, ACIAR
  • Mr Stuart Adams - Coffey International
  • Mr Dick Slaney -  Team Leader, Cattle Breeding Program
  • Mr Neil McDonald -  Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
  • Mr Graham Evans -  Policy Advisor Agriculture/Economics, Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Mr Todd Dias – First Secretary, Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Ms Ade Johansyah – Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Ms Deasy Ishak – Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Ms Naomi Cook – Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Ms Sarah Ayu – Australian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Ms Valeska – Country Manager, Indonesia, Meat and Livestock Australia

Indonesian delegation


  • Dr Himawan Hariyoga (Co-Chair) – Deputy Chairman for Investment Promotion, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board
  • Ms Musdhalifah Machmud – Deputy Minister for Food and Bioresources, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
  • Dr Muladno – Director General for Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Mr Nurimansyah Iman – Indonesian Trade Attaché to Australia - Indonesian Embassy
  • Mr Muhamad Yani, Head of Sub-Directorate Agriculture, Forestry, Marine and Fishery Product, Ministry of Trade (Representing Mr Karyanto Suprih – Acting Director General for Foreign Trade)


  • Mr Kris Sulisto – President, Indonesia Australia Business Council
  • Mr Juan Permata Adoe – Vice Chairman for Food and Cattle Industry, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin)
  • Mr Dicky Adiwoso – President Director, PT Agro Giri Perkasa
  • Mr Dimas Brahmantya – Vice President Investment and Procurement, PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa
  • Mr Jody Koesmendro – Secretary General, National Meat Board


  • Mr Jimmy Halim – President Director, PT Intraco Penta
  • Mr Sony Hamid – VP Marketing, PT Samadaya Graha Teknologi
  • Ms Nina Damajanti – Head of Sub-Directorate for South East Asia and Pacific, Ministry of Trade

Secretariat and support staff

  • Mr Ikmal Lukman – Director of Sectors Investment Promotion, BKPM
  • Mr Ahmad Faisal Suralaga – Section Head for Services and Industrial Zone, Directorate of Sectors Investment Promotion – BKPM


  • Mr Jafi Alzagladi – Deputy Assistant, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Mr Muhammad Mawardi – Head of Directorate, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Mr Satria Nusantara – Head of Breeding Sub-Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ms Heny Rusmiyati – Head of Pacific Section, Ministry of Trade
  • Ms Arinta Puspitasari – Indonesian Consulate Darwin