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Exporting a rare tree-t to Canada39355423/04/2018 00:29:43850 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx22/04/2018 20:45:4821/04/2018 14:00:00A Wollemi Pine, one of the world’s oldest and rarest tree species, was today bequeathed to the Canadian people as a gift to mark 150 years since the Canadian Confederation in 1867.
UPDATE: Qatar abattoir suspension resolved39131520/04/2018 08:04:393103 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx13/04/2018 09:21:2319/04/2018 14:00:00Animals Australia provided new information including footage to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources on 9 April 2018 alleging breaches of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) in Qatar.
Media statement: Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Tender39235118/04/2018 23:06:341634 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx18/04/2018 22:02:1718/04/2018 14:00:00The Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources opened a new groundwater request for tender in the Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium on 19 April 2018
Media statement: Detection of citrus canker in the Northern Territory39238719/04/2018 00:07:201854 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx19/04/2018 00:02:2318/04/2018 14:00:00The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is working closely with the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources following strong evidence of a detection of citrus canker in Darwin.
Media statement: Welfare standards for the export of Australian animals38837412/04/2018 03:37:224642 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx09/04/2018 23:30:2409/04/2018 14:00:00The standards for the export of livestock are very clear in requiring exporters to ensure the health and welfare of animals in their care at every stage of the export chain.
Media statement: Permits to export livestock38834412/04/2018 03:36:304390 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx09/04/2018 10:14:3108/04/2018 14:00:00Before a shipment of livestock can depart Australia, the exporter must have a licence and an export permit from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
Statement on live exports footage24571112/04/2018 03:33:385280 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx08/04/2018 08:26:3607/04/2018 14:00:00Animals Australia footage of sheep aboard a live export vessel shows conditions that are deplorable and unacceptable.
Media statement: Hepatitis A linked to imported frozen pomegranate24564007/04/2018 06:34:193927 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx07/04/2018 06:29:2306/04/2018 14:00:00The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) are aware of hepatitis A concerns linked to frozen pomegranates imported from Egypt.
Media statement: Review of import conditions for brassicaceous crop seeds38798806/04/2018 07:26:453852 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx06/04/2018 07:21:3005/04/2018 14:00:00The Draft review of import conditions for brassicaceous crop seeds for sowing into Australia recognises that there is an increased risk of seed-borne pathogens being introduced to Australia on some imported brassicaceous seeds.
Media statement: Animal welfare standards for the export of livestock38778212/04/2018 03:34:255168 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx05/04/2018 04:33:5704/04/2018 14:00:00The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has this week received information, including confronting footage, which alleges that expected animal welfare standards are not being met on some live export voyages.
Biosecurity innovators gather in Canberra 37979107/03/2018 22:37:225833 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx07/03/2018 22:17:5707/03/2018 13:00:00Biosecurity stakeholders from across Australia and New Zealand will be joining forces in Canberra today to share ideas about innovative technologies and approaches to enhance each countries’ biosecurity system.
Media statement: Biosecurity actions in Jandakot, Western Australia37490623/02/2018 04:59:468387 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx23/02/2018 03:26:1022/02/2018 13:00:00The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is conducting biosecurity actions at a warehouse in Jandakot, Western Australia, to ensure Australia’s strong biosecurity status is maintained.
Working with PNG to strengthen Australia’s biosecurity34230218/02/2018 23:29:165397 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx18/02/2018 23:05:4618/02/2018 13:00:00Australia is building stronger offshore biosecurity measures, with surveys now underway with Papua New Guinea (PNG) to better manage the risk of pests and diseases arriving from close-neighbouring countries.
Exotic lemurs settling well after completing biosecurity clearance5391509/02/2018 00:27:4511711 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx08/02/2018 23:47:3608/02/2018 13:00:00Two female Ring-tailed lemurs from New Zealand have spent the Christmas holidays settling into their new home in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley Zoo, after completing their biosecurity clearance.
ASEL review open for stakeholder input36842706/02/2018 04:45:454901 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx06/02/2018 04:36:0705/02/2018 13:00:00Public consultation on stage one of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) review opened today.
Flamin’ galah cruises home safely34309204/02/2018 19:37:405584 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx04/02/2018 19:31:4403/02/2018 13:00:00A cocky pet Australian galah has come to the attention of biosecurity officials from two countries, after it bypassed strict processes and checked itself in for a luxury cruise to New Zealand that departed on 21 January.
Media statement: Update on Tasmania fruit and vegetable exports36743802/02/2018 06:45:334800 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx02/02/2018 06:40:1901/02/2018 13:00:00There have been outbreaks of fruit flies, suspected to be Queensland Fruit Fly (QFly), in two locations in Tasmania.
Statement: Contract for the Provision of Services number 2017-248318517119/01/2018 21:57:0910357 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx19/01/2018 21:46:5519/01/2018 13:00:00The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and Webber Quantitative Consulting Pty Ltd have mutually agreed to terminate contract number 2017-24831 for delivery of a commodity milk price index.
SA seed bank stock readied for transfer to global seed vault35246216/01/2018 21:53:055091 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx16/01/2018 21:34:3616/01/2018 13:00:00Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer, Dr Kim Ritman, is visiting the Australian Pastures Genebank in South Australia today, to oversee the preservation of Australia’s pastures and cropping legacy as local seeds are prepared for transfer to the Svalba
Media Statement: Basin Plan Amendment (SDL Adjustments) Instrument 201726304615/01/2018 07:16:555845 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx15/01/2018 07:08:4114/01/2018 13:00:00​On 13 January 2018 the Basin Plan Amendment (SDL Adjustments) Instrument 2017 commenced in law, the day after registration on the Federal Register of Legislation.
Committee appointed to lead ASEL review36354111/01/2018 23:16:405461 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx11/01/2018 23:12:1811/01/2018 13:00:00​An expert Technical Advisory Committee has been appointed to review the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL).
Media statement: Importation of horses from Hong Kong36288711/01/2018 01:32:077352 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx10/01/2018 06:30:0509/01/2018 13:00:00The direct importation of horses from Hong Kong to Australia was suspended on 2 October 2017 because of potential biosecurity risks that could be created by the movement of hoses between Hong Kong and a training facility in China.
Allowing trade to flourish organically36116902/01/2018 22:26:176228 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx21/12/2017 23:18:0921/12/2017 13:00:00International demand for premium organic produce is on the rise, and the Australian Government is reviewing regulations on the export of organics to ensure Australian producers can take full advantage of these opportunities.
Biosecurity staff rule out fowl play with bird found at Sydney Airport35582313/12/2017 23:14:00862 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx13/12/2017 23:08:3013/12/2017 13:00:00The department has managed a potentially serious biosecurity threat to Australia’s bird and human health, following the discovery of a blue and gold macaw at Sydney airport on 3 December 2017.
Media statement: Inspector-General of Biosecurity white spot review35462612/12/2017 21:45:221224 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx12/12/2017 04:09:1611/12/2017 13:00:00​The Inspector-General of Biosecurity provides a valuable independent perspective and is one of the critical mechanisms to assess and improve how we manage Australia’s biosecurity.
Australia equipped to pip plant thrips threat35048429/11/2017 23:54:44831 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx29/11/2017 23:33:4429/11/2017 13:00:00Australia is taking steps to strengthen its plant biosecurity measures, with the release of a comprehensive analysis of a significant plant biosecurity risk to better inform future plant import conditions.
Producers urged to reconsider animal health management34275317/11/2017 02:45:13960 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx17/11/2017 02:37:1216/11/2017 13:00:00An innovative piggery in Young has proven successful in reducing the use of antibiotics, without compromising the health and productivity of its stock.
Hop-hikers caught web-handed31250113/11/2017 02:18:221345 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx13/11/2017 02:12:4612/11/2017 13:00:00A trio of adventurous amphibians’ plans to relocate from the United States to Australia, by hiding in a container, have been foiled by biosecurity officers in Victoria.
Reducing water use is WELS underway33615410/11/2017 04:26:021199 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx10/11/2017 01:22:1209/11/2017 13:00:00Efforts to reduce urban water use under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme are being stepped up with a fresh focus on obligations in the building and property development industry.
Biosecurity tramp-les invasive ant risk at Queensland port31351510/11/2017 01:28:091267 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx08/11/2017 23:08:5708/11/2017 13:00:00Departmental biosecurity officers worked collaboratively with industry and the Queensland Department of Agriculture to successfully manage a recent detection of tramp ants at a Brisbane Port.
Media statement: Update on prawn consignments imported under enhanced import conditions33482102/11/2017 23:13:181871 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx02/11/2017 05:13:4002/11/2017 13:00:00The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources established strict new import conditions and inspection and testing measures at the border to support the safe resumption of trade in uncooked prawns and prawn meat.
Melbourne Cup horses on home stretch after completing biosecurity33423202/11/2017 00:30:151340 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx02/11/2017 00:02:1401/11/2017 13:00:00With just five days until the race that stops the nation, all 26 international competitors flown in for the Melbourne Cup Carnival have now completed their biosecurity clearances.
Plant Innovation Centre to grow Australia’s biosecurity capacity50801/11/2017 02:46:46 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx01/11/2017 02:42:4631/10/2017 13:00:00A new Plant Innovation Centre (PIC) was launched at the Mickleham Post-Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility today, which will improve the nation’s capacity for addressing current and future plant biosecurity risks.
Media statement: Exports to China to resume for six Australian meat establishments33344130/10/2017 23:14:551764 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx30/10/2017 23:08:2130/10/2017 13:00:00​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources welcomes the lifting of the suspension for import inspection of six Australian meat establishments.
Royal honour for Australian-bred horses33313730/10/2017 01:15:112487 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx30/10/2017 01:11:1429/10/2017 13:00:00Australian-bred horses were exported to Thailand earlier this year to participate in the Cavalry Honour Guard for the Royal Cremation Ceremony for His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 29 October 2017.
Detector dog sniffs out risky plant haul at Sydney Airport33218625/10/2017 02:52:48966 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx25/10/2017 02:43:3824/10/2017 13:00:00Six bags of live plants, bulbs, seeds, fungi and soil were among a haul of biosecurity risk items intercepted during a search on a couple arriving at Sydney International Airport last week.
Media statement: Bovine serum investigation—update33028123/10/2017 22:53:041517 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx20/10/2017 05:15:0519/10/2017 13:00:00Western Australian biotech company Serana (WA) Pty Ltd has been acquitted on a charge of providing a False or Misleading Statement contrary to section 70C(1) of the Quarantine Act 1908.
‘Zero by Thirty’ – the fight to eradicate rabies31156628/09/2017 03:06:211364 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx28/09/2017 02:59:3827/09/2017 14:00:00The global community is uniting to stop human rabies related deaths, with the theme of this year’s World Rabies Day being ‘Zero by Thirty.’
Media statement: Bovine serum investigation—update, 14 September 2017642814/09/2017 03:19:531508 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx14/09/2017 03:15:0213/09/2017 14:00:00The Perth Magistrates Court will soon hear a matter involving Western Australian biotech company, Serana (WA) Pty Ltd.
Reeling in gillty biosecurity offenders780714/09/2017 03:26:471419 out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx14/09/2017 03:03:5513/09/2017 14:00:00A male international passenger recently cast themselves into a sea of trouble after trying to bring live fighting fish, snails and shrimp into the country.


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