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Agricultural finance forum

​​​The Agricultural Finance Forum (AFF) comprises representatives from the agri–finance sector, agri–political organisations such as the National Farmers’ Federation, primary producers and government for the purpose of improving communication between the rural sector, government and financial institutions.

This high–level forum provides a valuable medium for the exchange of industry and government views on major public policy issues. The forum meets on an ad-hoc basis in response to significant events.

The AFF is used to:

  • consider and provide advice on government policies, programs and initiatives relating to agricultural issues
  • encourage and lead informed debate on agricultural finance issues and disseminate relevant information to agri–finance stakeholders
  • encourage greater financial awareness among primary producers and agricultural service providers
  • promote financial self–reliance for agricultural enterprises and consider issues pertaining to risk management, succession planning, financial management, business planning and skills development
  • identify and address impediments to greater attraction of finance and investment in rural Australia.