3.3 Building on Australia's reputation

​Australia is known for the quality and safety of our food products and our reliability as a trading partner. Australia’s freedom from​ many pests and diseases, the environmental stewardship of our farmers and land managers, and our world–class food safety management system all contribute to our global reputation.

Our strong credentials in these areas gives us a competitive advantage to target existing, growing and emerging premium markets. This provides opportunities for Australian food producers and businesses to achieve higher returns on their products.

Increased global food demand provides an opportunity for all food exporting nations so Australian businesses will face fierce competition. We need to successfully take advantage of these opportunities and position ourselves favourably against key competitors. We need to find new and innovative ways to build on our reputation and leverage our strong credentials to keep our competitive edge.

Emphasising the quality of Australian food and finding ways to more clearly identify our clean, green and environmentally friendly credentials will allow exporters to benefit from our valuable national brand.

Our Goal For 2025

Australia will have a globally recognised food brand that is synonymous with high–quality, innovative, safe and sustainable food, services and technology.

We will work with industry to deliver a Brand Australia Global Food Strategy that will build Australia’s reputation as a leader in the production of premium food and increase export opportunities. The strategy will promote Australian food and raise the profile of our nation’s credentials as a sustainable food producer.

The strategy will include a brand identity for Australian food and related technology, building on our Australia unlimited campaign to promote our strengths and emphasise the quality of Australian food to overseas markets. This approach will help our SMEs, which make up 99 per cent of Australia’s food manufacturing businesses (DIISRTE 2012), to leverage Australia’s strong global reputation.

Australians all play a part in preserving our country’s favourable animal and plant health status and in protecting our community, farms and environment from pest and disease. To support our valuable national brand, governments and industry can also play an important role by promoting our world–class biosecurity system. We will continue reforms to deliver a more efficient and effective, modern, science and risk–based biosecurity system that is responsive and targeted in a changing global trading environment (Chapter 4).

We will also continue to work with industry and consumers to maintain the safety of our food supply (Chapter 5). We will increase promotion of Australia’s food safety management system–regarded as one of the best in the world–and demonstrate the system’s high performance to our trading partners. This will reassure customers, enhance Australia’s competitive edge and help secure market access.

Protect Australia’s home advantage by keeping pests and diseases out–be careful and declare what you bring in from overseas.