Wheat Industry Advisory Taskforce

​The Wheat Industry Advisory Taskforce has established its own website located at www.wheattaskforce.gov.au

The Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Act 2012, passed by parliament on 29 November 2012, required a wheat industry advisory taskforce to be formed by 5 February 2013. The taskforce examined key issues facing the industry, including availability of stocks information and quality management practices, and provided recommendations to government and industry for consideration.

In forming the taskforce, the Minister for Agriculture, invited key industry stakeholders to participate on a selection committee and provide recommendations for taskforce membership. The committee comprised equal representation across the grower, trader/exporter and port terminal operator sectors, and was led by independent Chair, Mr Bob Granger.

On 1 February 2013, the members of the Wheat Industry Advisory Taskforce and its terms of reference were announced. The taskforce concluded its work and provided its final report on 30 June 2014.