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Technical International Animal Health Liaison Group

​​The Technical International Animal Health Liaison (TIAHL) group consists of representatives from the Australian Government Departments of:


Chaired by the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp, the role of this group is to gain a better understanding of offshore animal biosecurity risks to Australia and the region and to share information on overseas projects and activities. The group does this by discussion of emerging international animal health issues to promote operational coordination and information sharing between its members. 

The group meets every four months to discuss current international animal health activities conducted by Australian government agencies and universities, with a focus on the South East Asia and Pacific regions. The coordination of these activities with multilateral international animal health agencies such as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and international animal health laboratories and research organisations, is also a focus.

Meeting outcomes will be provided to stakeholders, including industry members and State and Territory governments. At the March 2017 meeting it was agreed that one output would be a biannual newsletter that group members could share with their respective stakeholders. The newsletter will focus on emerging international animal health issues, and include a ‘spotlight’ article on a nominated disease or issue.

TIAHL newsletters

The first newsletter serves to inform stakeholders of the TIAHL group and outlines some current regional projects, with rabies as the focus disease.