Exercise Cowcatcher (2004)

​​A series of Cowcatcher exercises were held to test and evaluate Australia's cattle tracing systems.

Cowcatcher I

This exercise was held in 2004 and tested government and industry's ability to trace a mix of cattle that had tail tags or were using the new National Livestock​ Identification System (NLIS).

Cowcatcher II

This was a national exercise that took place on 1-3 May 2007 and was a follow-up exercise to Cowcatcher I. 

The objectives of the exercise were to evaluate the NLIS for cattle in all states and territories (except the ACT), and to identify areas where the NLIS can be improved.

The exercise was also audited against the five National Traceability Performance Standards.

The final report was considered and endorsed by SAFEMEAT Partnership at a meeting held on 20 June 2007.