Exporting from Australia


The Department of Agriculture provides export controls and assistance regarding exporting goods from Australia.

  • Getting your product overseas
  • MICoR Live Animals is the system where information about known importing country requirements for live animals and reproductive material can be accessed
  • MICoR Plants is the department's Export Conditions Database for plant and plant products including fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains, cut flowers and timber
  • EXDOC provides export documentation for meat, dairy, fish, horticulture, grain, wool, skins and hides. If you intend to export any of these commodities you will need to register with EXDOC
  • Export facilitation - how the department helps exporters
  • ELMER 3 and MICoR provide information to industry on the requirements that must be met to export meat and meat products to overseas countries.
  • Live animals include commercial livestock species, companion and assistance animals, horses, and genetic material.

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