Biosecurity practice administration statements (PAS)

​​​​Role of the practice administration statements system

Practice administration statements are corporate policy documents. They support the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources staff in applying relevant legislation when carrying out their duties.

Under the power of general administration, granted under the Biosecurity Act 2015, the Director of Biosecurity produces practice administration statements to provide direction to department staff.

These statements also provide information to the regulated community concerning how the department will implement specific aspects of biosecurity regulation, ensuring understanding and compliance.

While practice administration statements are directed at department staff, in the interest of open and transparent government we publish them publicly so that clients and stakeholders are informed of current policy interpretation.

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Types of practice administration statements

Our statement system includes two types:

GPAS and TPAS are not law.

They provide guidance to department staff and clients on the operation, administration and interpretation of the Biosecurity Act 2015 and its provisions.

GPAS provide general statements from the Director of Biosecurity under the Act. They seek to clarify how powers will be exercised, to assist in achieving compliance where systemic non-compliance has been identified.

TPAS cover technical and operational issues, providing guidelines on the administration of particular sections of the Act. They provide direction to department staff and clients where compliance is an issue relating to specific power or process under the Act.

Staff responsibilities

Practice administration statements are developed to assist our staff in carrying out their jobs.

Practice administration statements are not law.

They do not replace the Biosecurity Act 2015. They provide guidance on the operation, administration and interpretation of the Act and its provisions.

Statements will be developed in compliance with any general directions given by the Agriculture Minister. They will always have regard to the objects of the Act.

Staff must be aware of and follow the adopted practice administration statements that are relevant to the task they are performing.

Department staff must follow directions advised in a statement unless doing so creates unintended consequences. If staff think that the application of a particular statement has an unintended consequence, or that the particular statement is incorrect, they must escalate the matter to their supervisor.

Developing practice administration statements

Department business areas are responsible for proposing practice administration statements to their respective Senior Executive sponsor.

The Office of General Council (OGC) and the Executive holding the position of Compliance First Assistant Secretary must approve proposed practice administration statement.

Final practice administration statements must be approved by the Director of Biosecurity and will be published online, outlining full version history.

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Amendment History

Biosecurity practice administration statements (PAS)

Biosecurity practice administration statements (PAS) 10 October 2016Original statement

Date of Issue:
10 December 2016

Date of Effect:
10 October 2016

Authorised by:
Daryl Quinlivan, Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​