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Announcement of non-regulated analysis

​Commencement of a non–regulated analysis of existing policy for the importation of table grapes from the Republic of Korea

12 November 2010

Biosecurity Australia Advice 2010/34

This Biosecurity Australia Advice announces the formal commencement of a non-regulated analysis of existing policy to consider a proposal to import fresh table grapes from Korea.

Biosecurity Australia will continue its informal engagement with stakeholders while it prepares the draft report, which will be released for a 60 day formal comment period.

The commencement of this analysis is in response to a request for market access for fresh table grapes from the Government of the Republic of Korea.

A preliminary assessment of the pests potentially associated with table grapes from Korea indicates that these pests do not pose significantly different quarantine risks, or require significantly different management measures than those for which policy exists, namely for the pests associated with table grapes from the USA and Chile, and those management measures currently proposed for table grapes from the People’s Republic of China.

In view of this, Biosecurity Australia has determined that the market access request for table grapes from Korea can be progressed as a non-regulated analysis of existing policy. Preparation of the draft report will take account of the risk analyses previously completed for the importation of table grapes from the above countries.

The next step is to prepare and release a draft report to enable all interested stakeholders to comment. A comment period of 60 days will apply.

Following the completion of the comment period, Biosecurity Australia will consider all comments and publish a final report.

Dr Colin J Grant
Chief Executive

Contact: Dr Vanessa Findlay
Telephone: +61 2 6272 3933
Facsimile: +61 2 6272 3307
Email: Plant Biosecurity