Biosecurity Bill 2014

Minister Joyce has announced the government’s plans to replace the century-old Quarantine Act 1908. The Biosecurity Bill 2014 is being developed to underpin a more modern and responsive biosecurity system.

How can I stay informed?

Advice about the Biosecurity Bill 2014 will be released on the department’s website as the Parliamentary process advances.

To make sure you get the latest information about the proposed legislation, please subscribe to the biosecurity legislation distribution list.

For more information, please email Biosecurity Consultation, or phone 1800 040 629.

How does the import risk analysis (IRA) examination process fit in with the Biosecurity Bill 2014?

The IRA examination will gather information and feedback about the current IRA process. However, the department will also consider the outcomes of the IRA examination in the development of processes for conducting import risk analyses under the Biosecurity Bill 2014.

For further information on the IRA examination.