How we are responding to climate change

The Australian Government is investing in science and research that provides the information and skills needed to help communities, industries and governments adapt to a changing climate.

The following initiatives will help to ensure Australia's agricultural industries can compete and remain prosperous in the future under a changing climate:

  • The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is a carbon offsets scheme to create economic rewards for land managers who reduce pollution or store carbon in the landscape.
  • The Biodiversity Fund will support projects to protect biodiverse carbon stores and secure environmental outcomes from carbon farming.
  • The Carbon Farming Futures (CFF) program supporting research and development, extension and outreach and action on the ground. These activities support land managers to store carbon and reduce emissions. There is also a Refundable Tax Offset for new conservation tillage equipment. The CFF program also includes methodology development.
  • The Carbon Farming Skills program will support skills in land management. It will also ensure land managers have access to high quality advice and services when implementing the CFI.
  • The Biochar Capacity Building program is investigating how biochar, a stable type of char made by heating organic materials, such as wood or crop waste, in a low oxygen environment, can be added to soil to sequester carbon and help mitigate Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions while benefiting agricultural production by improving soil health.
  • The Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund will support Indigenous Australians to take full advantage of the Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • The Regional Natural Resources Management Planning for Climate Change Fund has been initiated to assist regional NRM organisations to revise current NRM plans to reflect the impact of climate change and benefit of carbon farming.
  • The Land Sector Carbon & Biodiversity Board provides advice to the Australian Government on a range of measures to help ensure the protection of Australia's ecosystems and increase resilience to the impacts of climate change.

More information on the Department of Agriculture’s climate change related activities is available from the following links: