Changes to organic egg product certification (2017-09)

Date of issue: 1 September 2017

Date of effect: 1 October 2017

Reference number: 2017-09

Industry—Organic egg products
Egg export establishments
Licensed exporters
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources—Central and Regional offices


To notify manufacturers and exporters that there will be changes to how organic egg product can be described in the department’s health certificate/ export permit.

Changes to description of organic egg products in export health certificates

From 1 October 2017, the department will no longer accept the term ‘organic’ in the health certificate description, which forms part of an export permit application (RFP).

For example, the description ‘organic egg whites’ will need to be replaced with the term ‘egg whites’ or words sufficient to indicate the nature of the food.

The change in certification does not prevent you using the term ‘organic’ on the product label, however it will not be permitted on health certification.

This change should have no impact on the accuracy of our government to government certification, particularly as the product will be accurately described and reflect export and importing country requirements.

The ‘organic produce certificate’ that is obtained from the approved certifying organisation can be used to satisfy any customer requirements or commercial arrangements.

If you believe the importing country requires the term ‘organic’ to be included on our government documents, and access will not be granted without it, you will need to obtain written evidence from the government agency authority that this is a condition of entry. If this evidence is provided, the department will work with the authority to clarify exact requirements.

The change in certification does not prevent you from using the term ‘organic’ on the product label.


The purpose of export certification is primarily to cover government to government export/import requirements.

The use of the term ‘organic’ on the department’s export certification is not consistent with our certification policies and is not a known importing country requirement.

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