Accessing Premium Markets: Organic Products

​​​​​​The Australian Government has made a $4 billion commitment to increasing Australia’s agricultural competitiveness.

One of the key pillars to grow agriculture is accessing premium markets. We must complement our existing trade and produce the premium agricultural products that increasingly affluent consumers in overseas markets want. We need to target high-end food segments by producing differentiated products built around a reputation for safety, integrity and quality.

One of the premium markets we need to look at is organics.

In the period of September–December 2016, at the request of the office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources led a process of preliminary discussions with the organic industry to test the interest of the industry in working together to increase the competitiveness of the Australian organics sector.

The discussions led to workshops at the Australian Parliament House (on 8 December 2016 and 30 January 2017) and a discussion paper Accessing Premium Markets: Australian Organics was released for public comment.

An Australian Organic Industry Working Group (AOIWG) was formed with an independent chair appointed by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources in February 2017 to develop an action plan. Representatives of the AOIWG and government met on 9 June 20​17 to discuss actions which could be progressed by government and industry.

In June 2017 the AOIWG also appointed Policy Partners for a three month period to progress an engagement process to finalise the action plan. Further information on this process can be obtained from Organic Industries.


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