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Completion of Export Certification for Plants and Plant Products

​​​​​​​​The purpose of the following user guides are to describe the correct method for the completion of export certification for plants and plant products. These user guides should be used in conjunction with the General Certification Requirements User Guide.

The instructions set out in the user guides apply to the completion of both manual and electronic export certification for plant and plant products.


DocumentPagesFile typeFile size
General Certification Requirements User Guide11Word1.7 MB
Completion of a Notice of Intention (EX28) User Guide25Word2.5 MB
Completion of a Phytosanitary Certificate (E16) User Guide11Word6 MB
Completion of a Ship’s Holds Certificate (EX175) User Guide9Word739 KB
Completion of a Declaration and Certificate as to Condition (EX188) User Guide15Word3 MB
Completion of a Certificate as to Condition (EX46A) User Guide15Word3.9 MB
Completion of a Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-export (EX25) User Guide24Word18.7 MB
Completion of a Radioactivity Statement User Guide6Word281 KB
Completion of a Transfer Certificate (EX186) User Guide11Word9.7 MB

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