Information for businesses exporting to Australia

​​Businesses exporting to Australia are indirectly affected

If you are a business who supplies timber or wood-based products to Australia importers, you are not directly regulated by Australia’s illegal logging laws. All legal obligations are placed on the businesses importing the goods. However, your Australian clients may approach you for information about where the timber or wood fibre in your products has come from, and to ask for evidence of its legality.

The type of information your clients are likely to ask you for is described on the Illegal Logging – Guidance for Importers webpage.

Australia’s illegal logging laws are consistent with our trade obligations and support the government’s commitment to promoting the trade in legally harvested timber and timber products. We are not alone in taking action against illegal logging. The illegal logging laws complement similar legislation that has been introduced by the European Union, the United States, and a growing number of other economies.

More information

We are here to help you comply with Australia’s illegal logging laws. These webpages provide a range of resources and guidance to better understand your obligations under the laws.

You can also contact us for further information on how the laws operate and if they affect you:

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