Webinar recordings

​​​​​​​​​​​Throughout the second half of 2018, the department hosted a series of webinars on Australia's illegal logging laws. These events were intended to help businesses or individuals that are importing wood, pulp, or paper products into Australia to better understand their obligations under the laws.

Recordings of these events are provided below.

Webinar 1 – Australia's Illegal Logging Laws: Key obligations, scope of regulated products, and overview of the due diligence process (20 August 2018).​

Webinar 1 transcript DOCX [57 KB]

Webinar 1 slides PDF [2 MB]

Webinar 2 – Australia’s Illegal Logging Laws: A deeper dive into due diligence (19 September 2018)

Webinar 2 transcript DOCX [56 KB]

Webinar 2 slides PDF [2 MB]