Importing or processing timber? New illegal logging laws now apply

Importing or processing timber?

Science & economics

Where do decision-makers come for professionally independent advice?


Travelling or sending goods to Australia

What's your role in safeguarding Australia from animal and plant pests and diseases?


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What can I bring or send to Australia?
Bringing cats, dogs and other pets to Australia
Arriving in Australia - Declare it!


What do you need to consider before you send plant or animal material overseas?

Exporting from Australia


What are the requirements for bringing items into Australia?

Importing to Australia

Farming, fishing & forestry

Our policy advice and programs improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.


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About the Department of Agriculture

We work to sustain the way of life and prosperity of all Australians.

We lead the development of policy advice and provide services to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and related industries.

We help people and goods move in and out of Australia while managing the risks to the environment and animal, plant and human health.


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