Summary of recent changes to the offshore treatment providers lists

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collapse Date : 16/08/2019 ‎(2)
ID0026MB16/08/2019IndonesiaAFAS ID 0026CV PrimaSuspended
ID0072MB16/08/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0072PT Eka Energi SelarasSuspended
collapse Date : 15/08/2019 ‎(3)
ID0142MB15/08/2019IndonesiaAFAS ID 0142PT. Alam Jaya Kreasi NasionalSuspended
ID0088MB15/08/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0088PT Jessindotama Lintas BahariSuspended
ID0044MB15/08/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0044PT Turacon Wirasta, JakartaSuspended
collapse Date : 25/06/2019 ‎(1)
ID0018MB25/06/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0018PT Prana Argentum CorporationSuspended
collapse Date : 18/06/2019 ‎(6)
IN0049MB18/06/2019IndiaAFASIN 0049M/s Fumigation Services Private (Pvt.) Limited (Ltd.)Change of contact details
IN0010MB18/06/2019IndiaAFASIN 0010M/s PCI Pest Control Private LimitedNew name
IN0074MB18/06/2019IndiaAFASIN 0074M/s Ved Perkash Goel & Company LudhianaAddress change
IN0214MB18/06/2019IndiaAFASIN 0214M/s Baba Pest ControlAddress change
IN0567MB18/06/2019IndiaAFASIN 0567M/s Aarav Pest ManagementNewly registered
IN0683MB18/06/2019IndiaAFAS 0683M/s Debio Pest ControlNewly registered
collapse Date : 11/06/2019 ‎(1)
ID0090MB11/06/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0090CV Cahaya TimurReinstated
collapse Date : 17/05/2019 ‎(2)
ID0026MB17/05/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0026CV PrimaReinstated
ID0040MB17/05/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0040 PT Dimensi IndonusaAddress change
collapse Date : 9/04/2019 ‎(2)
ID0505MB9/04/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0040PT. Dimensi Indo NusaReinstated
ID0148MB9/04/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0148CV. Mandiri Pestimax Pradipa Address change
collapse Date : 2/04/2019 ‎(11)
IN0386MB2/04/2019IndiaAFASIN 386M/s Shri Sai Pest ControlNewly registered
IN0505MB2/04/2019IndiaAFASIN 505M/s Indus Pest Management Pvt. Ltd.Newly registered
IN0627MB2/04/2019IndiaAFASIN 627M/s Kalka Fumigation ServicesNewly Registered
IN0629MB2/04/2019IndiaAFASIN 629M/s Bhuma Sky Fumigation Services Pvt. Ltd.Newly Registered
TH0084MB2/04/2019ThailandAFASID TH 0084Bureau Veritas (Thailand) LtdContact details
TH0085MB2/04/2019ThailandAFASID TH 0085Bureau Veritas (Thailand) LtdContact details
TH0091MB2/04/2019ThailandAFASID TH 0091Bureau Veritas (Thailand) LtdWithdrawn
TH0101MB2/04/2019ThailandAFASID TH 0101Bureau Veritas (Thailand) LtdContact details
TH0099MB2/04/2019ThailandAFASID TH 0099Intertek Testing Services (Thailand) LtdContact details
TH0107MB2/04/2019ThailandAFASID TH 0107Cotecna Inspection (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Withdrawn
FJ0012MB2/04/2019FijiN/AAmalgamated Pest ControlAcceptable
collapse Date : 26/03/2019 ‎(1)
MY0081MB26/03/2019MalaysiaAFASID MY - 0081Vigorex Sdn. BhdWithdrawn
collapse Date : 25/03/2019 ‎(1)
TH0084MB25/03/2019ThailandAFASID TH - 0084Bureau Veritas (Thailand) LtdAcceptable
collapse Date : 1/03/2019 ‎(1)
TH0083MB1/03/2019ThailandAFASID TH - 0083Universal Surveying Co LtdSuspended
collapse Date : 11/02/2019 ‎(10)
VN0020MB11/02/2019VietnamAFASVN 0020Vietnam Control South BranchSuspended
IN0049MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 049M/s Fumigation Services Private (Pvt.) Limited (Ltd.) Acceptable
IN0449MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 449M/s Natraj Impex India Acceptable
IN0468MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 468M/s A-One Pest Control & Fumigation ServicesNewly registered
IN0527MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 527M/s Panacea Pest ControlNewly registered
IN0573MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 573M/s Global Pest ControlNewly registered
IN0579MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 579M/s Max Vision Pest control & Fumigation ServicesNewly registered
IN0642MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 642M/s Suneer Pest Control & Fumigation ServicesNewly registered
IN0375MB11/02/2019IndiaAFASIN 375M/s Star Fumigation Address change
VN0019MB11/02/2019VietnamAFASVN 019Viet Nam Control Phu My BranchReinstated
collapse Date : 23/01/2019 ‎(2)
FJ0012MB23/01/2019FijiAFASFJ 0012Amalgamated Pest ControlUnder Investigation
VN0020MB23/01/2019VietnamAFASVN 0020Vietnam Control South BranchUnder Investigation
collapse Date : 18/01/2019 ‎(1)
VN0019MB18/01/2019VietnamAFASVN 019Vietnam Control Phu My BranchSuspended
collapse Date : 15/01/2019 ‎(33)
ID0116MB15/01/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0116PT. Duta Artha SelarasAddress change
ID0058MB15/01/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0058PT Keraton Alam Indonesia Cabang, CirebonSuspended
ID0026MB15/01/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0026CV PrimaSuspended
ID0014MB15/01/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0014PT Agricon Putra Citra Optima (Terminix Indonesia)Acceptable
ID0034MB15/01/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0034CV. Junitierra Muda Tama, YogyakartaAcceptable
ID0003MB15/01/2019IndonesiaAFASID 0003PT Sucofindo, MedanWithdrawn
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