Failing Food Report – December 2016

​​This report details food that was found to fail under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme during the month. For full data on activity and compliance under the Scheme refer to the six monthly Imported Food Inspection Data reports.

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Risk/Advisory food tests (targeted monitoring of food for compliance to safety standards)

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources targets and monitors food determined to pose a high or medium risk to public health. Risk food is targeted at the rate of 100 per cent until a history of food safety compliance is established. When an emerging human health and safety hazard is identified in food, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may temporarily increase monitoring and testing. This is referred to as advisory food.

The following table details where noncompliant food was detected. Advisory food is marked with an asterisk in the table.

The food was not distributed for sale in Australia. It was destroyed by the importer or re-exported to the country of origin under department supervision. Where a product is found to be noncompliant because the label does not have the mandatory allergen declaration, the product must be destroyed, re-exported or re-labelled to include the mandatory declaration. Future consignments continue to be targeted at 100 per cent until a history of compliance is established. More information on risk food and the tests applied under the IFIS can be found on the Tests applied to risk food webpages.

Microbiological / Allergen tests

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or AllergenResult/sUnitsStandard
6/12/2016Blue cheeseSpainQuesos La Perla (15914/O) Listeria monocytogenesDetected /125g CHE 07/2016
12/12/2016Gorgonzola dolceItalyCaseificio Tosi Dei F.Lli Tosi Snc Listeria monocytogenesDetected/125g CHE 07/2016
21/12/2016Fresh clamsIndonesiaPt Sari Nusa Sejati E. coli3.9, 1.5, 110, 46, 24 MPN/gMOL 05/2014
22/12/2016Flamengo cheese PortugalLacticinios Do Paiva Sa Listeria monocytogenesDetected/125g CHE 07/2016
28/12/2016Frozen cooked and peeled vannamei prawnsChinaHangzhou Tianhai Aquatic ProductsStandard Plate Count25000, 12000 est, 2000000,
2000 est, 6000 est
cfu/g CRU 05/2014
30/12/2016Aburi sanma slice cooked marinade fishJapanEast Japan Foods Co Ltd Listeria monocytogenesND, D, D, ND, ND/25g FSH 10/2016

Chemical / Contaminant / Toxin test results

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameAnalyteResult/sUnitsStandard
6/12/2016Tapioca chipsIndiaEconomic Food Solutions Pvt LtdHydrocyanic acid12mg/kg CAS 09/2016
9/12/2016Maldive fish chipsSri LankaDerana Marketing Services Pvt LtdHistamine320mg/kg SCM 05/2014
16/12/2016Dried oystersRepublic of KoreaDaeil Fisheries Co Ltd Oysters exported from the Republic of Korea are a prohibited item in Australia  IFN 52/04
22/12/2016Spicy peanutsChinaKaifeng Xing Sheng De Food Co.,LtdAflatoxin0.084mg/kg NUT 10/2016
22/12/2016Roasted peanutsChinaLihan International Trading LtdAflatoxin0.016 mg/kg NUT 10/2016
22/12/2016Yellow fin tunaSouth AfricaBreakwater Products Pty LtdHistamine610, 830,
1070, 940
mg/kg SCM 05/2014
23/12/2016Peanuts roasted and saltedTurkeyBaktat Gida San Tic Ltd Sti (Turkey)Aflatoxin0.042 mg/kg NUT 10/2016
23/12/2016Roasted and salted pistachioTurkeySeyran Gida San Ve Tic As (Denizli Turkey)Aflatoxin0.037 mg/kg NUT 10/2016

Random monitoring of food for compliance

The department operates a five per cent random surveillance scheme to monitor a range of food imported into Australia for compliance to some standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. These tests are applied as part of a rolling program of surveillance on the Australian food supply.

The following table details where results were found to be noncompliant with food standards. Future consignments of this food are subject to an increased rate of testing until a history of compliance is achieved.

More information on surveillance food and the tests applied can be found on the Tests applied to surveillance foods webpage.

Date of failProduct descriptionCountry of originProducer nameOrganism or AnalyteResult/sUnitsStandard
2/12/2016Dried pearsChinaWest District Success Day Hong Of ZhongshanCyhalothrin0.021mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
2/12/2016Seasoned vegetablesJapanKouwabusan Co LtdBracken - Pteridium AquilinumProhibited Plant FSC 1.4.4
2/12/2016Mango fruit rollSouth AfricaPioneer FoodsIprodione0.11mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
7/12/2016FlourIndiaRdr Impex Private LtdLead0.25mg/kg FSC 1.4.1
8/12/2016Dried durian snacks ChinaHubei Liang Pin Pu Zi Food Co.,LtdCarbendazim Procymidone0.08
mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
12/12/2016Toffee RussiaDilayver Vitamin CVitamin C not permitted in this food  FSC 1.3.2
19/12/2016Red datesChinaGaoming Hui Sheng Feng Trading Company Limited Of Foshan CityCarbendazim0.082mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
29/12/2016Hyacinth bean BangladeshSabjiana LimitedChlorpyrifos0.06mg/kg FSC 1.4.2
2/12/2016Malt based foodIndiaGlaxosmithkline Consumer Healtcare LtdPantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)Pantothenic acid not permitted in this food  FSC 1.3.2
2/12/2016Malt drinkIndiaMondelex India Foods Private LimitedIronIron not permitted in this food  FSC 1.3.2

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