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42-2015 - Quarantine Approved Premises renewals reminder

​11 June 2015

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is for the Department of Agriculture (the Department) clients who are current Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) operators.


QAPs are approved on an annual basis, coinciding with the financial year. Current approvals for all QAPs will expire on 30 June 2015. QAP operators who wish to continue to operate a QAP in 2015/16 will need to renew their QAP approval. The Department has sent a 2015 QAP Renewal Package to QAP operators. The QAP renewal pack contains:

  • a letter from the Department
  • an application for Renewal of QAP Approval form
  • a renewal fee invoice, if one hasn’t been emailed, as QAPs which have set up electronic invoicing with the Department will receive the invoice electronically.

What happens next?

To renew their approval, QAP operators must return the QAP Renewal of Approval Application form and pay the approval fee by 12 June 2015.

QAP operators who fail to renew their approval by this date can expect it to expire on 1 July 2015. After the expiry, operators will no longer be permitted to handle goods subject to quarantine.

Any imported consignments with quarantine concerns cannot be directed to your premises nor can any movements occur. You will be required to remove all quarantine signage from your premises. All expenses associated with any actions required by the Department will be your responsibility. A departmental officer will contact you to arrange a closeout audit of your premises to ensure compliance with the above requirements. This inspection will be charged at fee-for-service rates.

Further information

Please refer to the QAP Re​​newals or contact Audit Services for further information regarding the 2015 QAP renewal process.

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