​​​​​​​​​​The Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Pro​​gram (SRWUIP) is a national program investing in rural water use, management and efficiency, including improved water knowledge and market reform, and water purchase for the environment.


This interactive map shows the location of projects funded through the SRWUIP program across Australia. Markers indicate the location of a project or a cluster of projects. By clicking on each marker, an information box appears with details of the project and a link to further information. Projects can be displayed in categories of large, medium or small projects or by State or Territory.

Large projects: Large scale projects with a value of over $100 million

Medium projects: Medium scale projects or clusters of smaller projects through a single delivery partner with a value less than $100 million and more than $5million.

Small projects: ​Small scale projects of value le​ss than $5 million​