Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan

​​Development of a new Strategic Management Plan

A draft new Strategic Management Plan has been developed for the Great Artesian Basin for 2017 to 2032. As part of the consultation process on the new draft plan an on-line consultation process, regional meetings and stakeh​older discussions will occur in late 2017.

The new draft plan builds on the outcomes and actions of the first Strategic Management Plan agreed in 2000 and takes a principle based approach to guiding governments, industry and the community in managing this important resource together. It aims to address outstanding management issues and guide decisions that respond to emerging issues and challenges.

The new plan has been developed by the Australian government, state and territory governments, the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee, national organisations, landholders and water users.

The Strategic Management Plan Review 2015

A review of the Strategic Management Plan, Future Directions for the Management of the Great Artesian Basin, was completed in August 2015. The review was conducted in consultation with state and territory governments and the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee. It highlights a range of achievements in basin management over the past 15 years and identifies both ongoing and new emerging issues for the Great Artesian Basin.

The Committee’s Future Directions for the Management of the Great Artesian Basin will inform the development of the new Strategic Management Plan.

The Strategic Management Plan (2000–2015)

The Strategic Management Plan, endorsed by the Australian, New South Wales, South Australian, Queensland and Northern Territory governments in 2000, is a 15-year strategic framework for responsible groundwater and related natural resource management in the Great Artesian Basin. It guides governments, water users and other stakeholders on policies, programs and actions necessary to attain optimum economic, environmental and social benefits from the existence and use of Great Artesian Basin groundwater resources.

See Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan 2000—2015

The plan was reviewed in 2007 by the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee as significant changes had occurred in technical, social and political contexts relevant to the management of the Great Artesian Basin. The review looked at the achievements of the plan to date and developed a complementary document that refined the focus for the SMP, from 2008 to 2015, to support new development, continue bore rehabilitation, reform water management policy and industry policy, and continue state and territory government water planning improvements. These 2 documents were endorsed by jurisdictions.

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