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Water quality

Water is one of our most important resources.

Managing water quality and quantity is essential to protecting our:

  • drinking water supplies
  • environment
  • irrigation and farming industries
  • cultural and spiritual values
  • recreational activities like boating and fishing.

To achieve this governments at all levels, communities and industry must work together.

Fresh and marine water quality guidelines

The Water Quality Guidelines provide authoritative guidance on:

  • the management of water quality
  • for natural and semi-natural water resources
  • in Australia and New Zealand.

The latest revision of the Water Quality Guidelines is presented as an online platform. This allows easier access to more information. It also means faster updates to keep the Guidelines current and relevant.

Access the Water Quality Guidelines.

Management strategy

The updated management strategy provides information and tools for governments, communities and industry to help manage their water resources.

These are delivered under the National Water Quality Management Strategy (NWQMS). A nationally-agreed approach to managing water quality in Australia.

State and territory governments work together to develop and maintain this strategy.

Access the Water Quality Australia website to find:

  • guidelines for managing water quality
  • issues that affect water quality
  • water quality case studies
  • advice on water quality planning.