​The Monitor provides online access to climatic, production, biophysical and economic information across Australia.


The Monitor is an online tool that delivers a broad range of climatic, production, biophysical and economic information for various regions throughout Australia. It provides users with the ability to explore, report and map the various spatial, temporal and point-based datasets across a range of scales.

The Monitor can be used to assess climate risks to production systems and assist with land management decisions. The Monitor includes:

  • information on geography, climate and water availability
  • economic information
  • information at several different regional boundaries
  • a mapping interface
  • user-specified reporting
  • both point and spatial analysis capability
  • more than 130 maps, graphs and analyses.

This information can be viewed online from a regional to a national scale, providing insight and support to evidence-based decision-making in the rural sector. Users can access information in the form of maps graphs and analyses, and generate a range of up-to-date reports for each region. A range of data for comparison can be selected and a mapping page allows users to easily compare analyses side by side. With this information, users can build a regional snapshot to highlight where climatic conditions may be deteriorating or improving.

The Monitor provides insight into the day-to-day climatic risks faced by producers and it can be used to assist with land and property management decisions, allowing users to better assess the risks to production systems posed by climate variability.

Timely information on climate variability is often not available to policy-makers or producers in forms that can be readily accessed and used for risk assessment and management decisions. The scope of information available on the Monitor provides an agricultural context for climate, water and production information.

This integration of information and functionality makes the Monitor a one-stop shop for climate, water and production data for Australian agriculture and resource management.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019