Gas and wind - key contributors to new electricity generation capacity

​18 November 2010

Four large scale electricity generation projects were completed in the six months to October, adding 900 megawatts of capacity to the Australian electricity grid at a capital cost of over $1.4 billion, according to the Electricity generation: major development projects - October 2010 listing report released today by ABARE–BRS.

Of the four completed projects, two are wind powered (total capacity of 150 megawatts), one is coal seam gas powered (630 megawatts) and one is natural gas fired (120 megawatts).

The report details electricity generation projects at various stages of development and with a capacity of greater than 30 megawatts.

ABARE–BRS's Deputy Executive, Director Paul Morris said ”Gas and wind energy are set to make the next major contributions to Australia's electricity supply, accounting for over 80 per cent of electricity generation capacity committed to come online over the next two years”.

At the end of October 2010, 16 projects were at an advanced stage of development (defined as 'committed' or 'under construction') with an estimated generation capacity of 2297 megawatts and a capital cost of $4.4 billion. Renewable energy projects, including eight wind projects and two expansions to existing hydro capacity, have a total capacity of 1154 megawatts or around half of advanced stage generation capacity.

Of the six non-renewable based projects at an advanced stage of development, four are natural gas fired, one is coal seam gas-fired and one is to be powered with black coal.

The four natural gas-fired developments with a total capacity of 873 megawatts accounted for approximately three-quarters of advanced stage non-renewable based capacity.

Advanced renewable electricity projects are dominated by wind power developments (total capacity of 1064 megawatts), which represent over 90 per cent of advanced stage renewable electricity generation capacity.

A further 148 projects were identified at a less advanced stage of development (undergoing feasibility studies and/or awaiting approval), of which 99 plan to use renewable energy sources.

“The significant pipeline of projects on the list will be important in meeting Australia's electricity demand over the medium and long term,” Mr Morris said.

The report Electricity generation: major development projects - October 2010 listing, can be found at

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