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​31 March 2014

With today's release of the preliminary findings from the National Agricultural Statistics Review (NASR), interested stakeholders have a final opportunity to contribute to the review of Australia's agricultural statistical system.

The review, jointly led by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), is looking at all aspects of the National Agricultural Statistical Information System (NASIS) and its ability to inform decision making for the agricultural sector.

"The NASR is tasked with identifying opportunities to improve the NASIS and develop a framework for ongoing assessment, coordination and governance of information needs into the future," said ABS' acting First Assistant Statistician, Bill Allen.

"The preliminary findings demonstrate that there are concerns about survey burden on farmers and clear opportunities to improve the quality of agricultural statistics," said Mr Allen.

For example, clear opportunities lie in considering the increased use of new technology in the collection of data, such as online survey forms.

According to ABARES Executive Director Karen Schneider, the NASR is providing a better understanding of practical information needs on the ground and ABARES would be working closely with the ABS and other stakeholders to ensure consistent, coordinated and high-quality agricultural data to inform information needs.

"This review will allow us to better target resources and has already identified areas where the agricultural sector needs improved data to help it plan for the future, such as the need for improved agricultural trade and supply chain statistics," said Ms Schneider.

"The second phase of the NASR will further engage stakeholders to examine opportunities for innovation and collaboration between the producers, users and custodians of agricultural statistics - this includes options for resourcing the NASIS into the future," said Mr Allen.

Further comment is being sought on priority areas for innovation and improved coordination of the NASIS up until 16 May 2014. This second phase of consultation will assist in making final recommendations, which will be publicly released on the ABS website on 7 July 2014.

More information about how to contribute to the second phase of NASR consultation can be found in National Agricultural Statistics Review - Preliminary findings, 2013-14 (cat. no. 7105.0.55.003)

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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