Plantation log harvesting continues steady increase

18 November 2019

A new edition of one of the most popular publications about Australia’s forests is now available.

Acting ABARES Executive Director, Peter Gooday, said the latest Australia’s Forests at a Glance booklet was a treasure trove of data and information for the forestry sector.

“Australia’s Forests at a Glance 2019 covers how native forests—including old growth forests—are conserved and managed. It also covers plantation forests and the industries that provide the wood products that we all use,” Mr Gooday said.

“Forty six million hectares of our native forests are managed for the protection of biodiversity—that compares with 6 million hectares of public native forests that are managed for timber production.

“Of the 4.5 million hectares of forest assessed as old-growth, 76% are in conservation reserves.”

Australia’s Forests at a Glance 2019 shows the total 2 million hectares of plantation decreased slightly due to reduced area under hardwood plantation.

The volume of logs harvested has increased steadily for many years as timber plantations reach maturity. The forestry and wood products industries employ 76,000 people. However, Australia still imports $2 billion worth of wood products more than we export.

“Facts and figures about our forests are essential for informed public debate about conservation and management. This publication provides those facts and figures in a readily accessible way.”

Find the full report.

Last reviewed: 18 November 2019
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