Related research

Pathways to sustainable and productive agriculture: an Australian perspective

18 November 2020

This conference paper was presented on 28 October 2020 in a webinar hosted by the Australian Mission to the European Unio,  titled ‘EU-Australia farming: one goal, many paths to sustainability’.


Disaggregating farm performance statistics by size, 2018–19

3 March 2020

Farm business size is an important indicator of performance. This report provides farm financial performance statistics by different size categories for the broadacre, dairy and vegetable industries.


Using hedonic modelling to analyse farmland price movements

13 December 2019

The Measuring Australian broadacre farmland value: Phase 1 - Statistical infrastructure report contains preliminary findings on the construction of hedonic models to estimate values of Australian farmland.


Agricultural export price and volume indicators: concepts, data sources and methods report

13 May 2019

Australia’s agricultural sector is highly export oriented. This paper outlines the recent development of aggregate price and volume indicators for Australian agricultural exports.


Farm financial performance

Explore analysis on current and historical economic performance of farm business units in the rural sector.


Rural research, development & extension investment in Australia

21 September 2017

Australian rural research development and extension funding was worth over $3.3 billion in 2014-15. This report explores the Australian rural R&D system.


Labour force survey

18 May 2017

Insights into vegetable, horticulture and cotton farmers’ use of labour, recent recruitment experiences and expected future labour requirements.

Last reviewed: 17 November 2020
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