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Accessing premium international markets is key to the continuing success of Australian agriculture.

Given our strong reputation for the underlying integrity and safety of our food systems, the international organics market is one premium market that presents immense potential for Australia.

According to Rabobank, organic food sales should grow roughly 3 times faster than overall food sales in the United States and Europe over the next 10 years.

Australia’s established presence in Asian markets also offers potential, as more than a billion people shift into the middle class in the next 40 years and acquire the capacity to pay the premium prices organic foods can command.

Building a stronger organics industry

The Australian Government is driving a more profitable, resilient and sustainable organic sector by:

  • investing $30.8 million under the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper to increase access to premium markets—including 5 extra agricultural counsellors on the ground in overseas markets to negotiate access and tackle technical barriers to trade
  • providing advice and verification services through the Export Organic Program to secure market access and ensure our organic exports meet the requirements of importing countries
  • consulting with industry in 2016 and 2017 to explore strategies to increase the competitiveness of Australia’s organic sectors, resulting in
    • the release for public comment of the discussion paper Accessing premium markets: Australian organics and formation of the Australian Organic Industry Working Group (AOIWG) in February 2017
    • the Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation program offering AOIWG a grant of up to $100,000 to support development and implementation of a 5-year Australian organic industry export strategy
  • improving access to premium markets through a three-point action plan to
    • review the regulations and standards underpinning exports
    • create a national voice for the organic sector
    • develop an organics market access strategy
  • supporting the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council’s Australian National Organic Mark for use in marketing the Australian organic brand internationally
  • investing in research and development (R&D) to help drive innovation across all Australian farm, fisheries and forestry sectors, including
    • matching funds of $272.6 million in 2016–17, alongside that already invested by the farm, fisheries and forestry sectors through levies, for R&D in their sectors
    • an additional $100 million to the Rural R&D for Profit program for collaborative projects to improve farmgate productivity and profitability.

Key Facts

  • The global market for organic products was worth over US$ 80 billion in 2015. (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland)
  • Australian organic farmland has increased fourfold since 2002 and by 23% between 2015 and 2016. (Australian Organic Market Report 2017)
  • Almost all of the organic market is in the United States (48%) and Europe (44%), which also account for around one-third of the world’s organic farmland and 16% of its organic producers (2016) (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland)
  • The volume of organic products exported from Australia grew by 17% in 2016. (Australian Organic Market Report 2017)
  • In 2016, Australia had 2,075 certified organic producers, 1,163 certified organic processors and 513 certified handlers. (Australian Organic Market Report 2017)
  • Key export markets for Australian organic food are the United States, Europe, China (including Hong Kong) and the Republic of Korea.

Development of the global organic market, 2000–2015


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