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​​Applications for the 2020 Graduate Development Program open 14 March 2019​

Ahmet Akin, 2018 Graduate

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“What attracted me to our department was the culture. I immediately picked up on the welcoming atmosphere. Through the graduate application process I felt like the transition from work to study would be much easier here than elsewhere. The personality and style of the staff who ran the interviews and assessment centres really established my opinion of our department as warm and inviting. Having a background in accounting and economics, my skill set could be applied anywhere – but I chose our department because of the culture and welcoming atmosphere.

Another aspect I appreciate is diversity in opportunities. I spent a week on an industry visit in South Australia meeting farmers and touring their properties. I had no background in farm efficiency but I’ve been encouraged to learn new skills and broaden my thinking – you wouldn’t ever get this exposure in my field!”

Anushka Sandanam, 2018 Graduate

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“I always knew that I wanted a job where I could contribute to the sustainable management of our natural resources and apply what I studied in a practical context – so our department’s graduate program was the perfect fit for me.

A career highlight has been the graduate industry visit where my team and I met with fishers, seafood processors, exporters and environmental NGOs. Our fisheries project was then presented to the department’s Executive.

I have been surprised by the diversity of work I’ve experienced in our department. Each of my graduate rotations has been completely different and I’ve been able to develop my skills in several areas. I am always eager to try new things and the program has provided me with the opportunities to do that. I’ve appreciated our inclusive and supportive culture where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and be heard.”

Thomas Atkins, 2018 Graduate

Image of Thomas Atkins 

“Growing up on a farm really ignited my passion for sustainable agriculture – it was no surprise that it ultimately led me to a career within our department. What excites me the most about working in our department is having the ability to draw on both my personal and work lives to influence improvement.

As a graduate in 2017, I worked in the Farm Support Branch where we focused on managing risk. A highlight for me has been working on a review of a key departmental program, spending time in Sydney consulting and then taking a step back to analyse it all from the farmer’s view too.

I believe I’m in the place best suited to my passion and enjoy adding my own skills to the decision making process at work.”

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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