Preparing your Application

​​​​When applying for the department’s University Vacation Employment Programme it is in your interest to provide a solid application. You will be required to submit a maximum 300 word response to each of your preferred placements, outlining what skills you can offer the department and what you will gain by participating in the programme. You will also be asked to put in your preference order.

Your application provides the department with information that will assist in the shortlisting process and in determining whether or not you are suitable for the programme.

When responding to your selected projects it is important to keep your responses succinct and remain within the limit of 300 words.

The full description of projects that are currently being offered as part of the UVEP can be located in the 2018 Project Plans. You should read through these thoroughly to ensure you understand the requirements of the role and have the necessary discipline.


DocumentPagesFile size
2018 University Vacation Employment Program Project Plans PDF PDF Icon22 763 KB
2018 University Vacation E​mployment Program Project Plans DOCX Word Icon22133 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, please visit web accessibility.

Step 1

Before starting your application it is recommended that you print out a copy of the application form by clicking on the `preview application’ button. This will assist you in familiarising yourself with the form and what is required.

Step 2

It is recommended that you prepare your responses in a Word document, as the online application does not have a spelling or grammar check. This will also help to keep within the 300 word limit for each answer. You will then be able to cut and paste your responses into the online application form.

Before you submit your application please ensure that you have completed all parts of the application honestly, accurately and fully.

Things that will detract from your application:

  • incomplete fields
  • incomplete sentences
  • poor spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • not fully answering the question/selection criteria
  • no research into, or awareness of the department's functions/roles
  • no apparent motivation/interest to work in the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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