Biosecurity tramp-les invasive ant risk at Queensland port

​Departmental biosecurity officers worked collaboratively with industry and the Queensland Department of Agriculture to successfully manage a recent detection of tramp ants at a Brisbane Port.

Head of biosecurity operations, Nico Padovan, said biosecurity officers acted quickly to contain the colony.

“Tramp ants are an invasive and aggressive species that has established widely across the globe. This particular species have previously been found in the Northern Territory, but this was the first sighting in Queensland,” Mr Padovan said.

“If undetected, tramp ant infestations can spread rapidly and potentially transmit diseases that could damage our $60 billion agricultural industry.

“They pose a huge risk to our environment and way of life, and represent a significant biosecurity risk to Australia.

“Biosecurity officers detected the nest at Brisbane Port and a cordon was set up around the site while officers set lures to destroy the ants.

“The location of the nest was then kept under surveillance for some weeks, to ensure the baiting was successful, and authorities ensured no cargo was placed in the area at the time.

“Our officers worked closely with industry stakeholders at Brisbane port, as well as officers from the Queensland Department of Agriculture, as part of the ongoing surveillance and eradication efforts.

“Their work was successful in managing the detection, with no further evidence of tramp ant activity found at the site.

“This is a great example of our department working collaboratively with industry and state government to safeguard Australia from significant biosecurity risks.”

Australian biosecurity is a shared responsibility and all Australian’s are urged to remain vigilant and report sightings of unusual pests to the department’s See.Secure.Report. Hotline: 1800 798 636.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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