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​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has today launched a new Facebook page, to highlight the importance of biosecurity for travellers and online shoppers.

First Assistant Secretary of the department’s Compliance Division, Raelene Vivian, said biosecurity was a shared responsibility, and the Australian community was an important partner.

“Australia’s biosecurity system protects our plant, animal and human health—which in turn underpins our agricultural industries and economy,” Ms Vivian said.

“As an island nation, we’re free from many of the pests and diseases that affect other countries around the world—for instance, if foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) established in Australia it would cost our economy upwards of $50 billion over the course of a decade.

“Our biosecurity system protects us from pests and diseases like FMD—and the public are an important partner in our mission to protect Australia.

“We rely on members of the public to report sightings of exotic pests and diseases, and also to do the right thing when travelling to Australia, sending items through the post and shopping online.

“The vast majority of people want to do the right thing—but not everyone understands the rules. That’s why we want to help the public understand how they can work with us to protect our environment, agricultural industries and economy.

“Our new Facebook page will help the community understand the rules and why we need their help.

“It will also help showcase some of the interesting and incredible things our staff see at airports and mail centres every single day.”

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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