Media statement: Temporary suspension of live cattle exports to Japan—update 1

​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is undertaking an investigation into the export of a consignment of cattle to Japan, following Japan’s temporary halt to the import of Australian feeder and breeder cattle.

Preliminary investigations have resulted in the suspension of an exporter’s livestock export licence. This suspension is temporary, pending the outcome of further inquiries.

As this investigation is ongoing, the department is unable to provide additional details at this time.

The department has provided this advice to Japan and is continuing to work closely with Japanese authorities on the actions that Australia is taking to investigate this issue, as well as providing regular updates on the outcomes of those actions.

Japan is a highly valued trading partner and the department’s priority remains to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all parties and re-open trade at the first available opportunity.

Japan is Australia’s only international live cattle export market that is actively eradicating bovine Johne’s disease and therefore has justification in applying strict import controls for this disease.

Australia’s other live cattle export markets remain unaffected.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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