Appendix 10: Market access achievements

Table 47 Market access gained in 2011–12
Market access maintained Achievement
Plums and carrots to Taiwan Restoring market access to Taiwan for Japanese plums, under a revised treatment schedule and carrots under pest-free place of production requirements
Live abalone and eel to Taiwan Resumption of trade in live abalone and eel to Taiwan under revised import certification requirements
Live horse trade to Malaysia Restoring trade in live horses following disruption due to Hendra virus by finalising agreed protocol
Red offal to Vietnam Restoring market access for red offal (heart, liver and kidney) from all species
Lentils to Saudi Arabia Restoring market access for lentils under revised export protocols after a longstanding ban
Honey to Egypt Achieving market access following successful export health certification negotiations
Sorghum seed for sowing to Peru Achieved market access for sorghum seed for sowing to Peru
Grapevine nursery stock to Chile Achieved market access for grapevine nursery stock to Chile
Avian products to countries including Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines Restoring market access for avian products to a number of countries, including Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines, which had restricted imports following the detection of low pathogenicity notifiable avian influenza in Victoria
Ruminant genetic material with countries including Mongolia, China and Canada Negotiating new or revised protocols for export of ruminant genetic material with a number of countries including Mongolia, China and Canada
Table 48 Market access improved in 2011–12
Market access maintained Achievement
Citrus, pears, table grapes and avocado to New Zealand Gaining improved market access for citrus, pears, table grapes and avocado to New Zealand after finalising an in-transit cold treatment protocol
Macadamia nuts to India Gaining improved market access for macadamia nuts to India after obtaining approval for heat treatment as an alternative to fumigation
Citrus to India Achieved acceptance of the use of in-transit cold treatment for fruit flies at 3 °C achieved 31 March 2012
Seed for sowing to New Zealand Improved market access for several genera of seeds for sowing after New Zealand agreed to reduce the post entry quarantine period for these commodities
Table 49 Market access maintained in 2011–12
Market access maintained Achievement
Table grapes and citrus to Thailand Maintained market access under revised import protocols following successful completion of a verification visit
Table grapes to China Maintained recently achieved market access for table grapes to China with finalisation of the protocol
Chilled meat to China Maintained market access under agreed revised protocols following uncertainty about the eligibility of Australian chilled meat exports at some ports in China
Meat to the United States Implementing a revised microbiological testing program for meat export establishments in order to meet new requirements introduced by the United states for the control of specific strains of E. coli in beef intended for grinding
Fresh fruit and seeds to Vietnam Maintained market access for a range of 50 currently traded fresh fruit and seed commodities, after DAFF provided 23 broad submissions requested by Vietnam as part of its pest risk analysis process under its revised quarantine regulations and also under new food safety controls for imported products of plant origin
Wool to the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States Maintained market access in wool to the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States by addressing retailer concerns over mulesing
Pome fruit to India DAFF provided a technical submission on 10 March 2012 responding to India's new conditions for Australian pome fruit imports. India has agreed to delay the enactment of its new regulations for a further six months as it considers Australia's comments
Tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, button squash and cucumber to New Zealand Negotiations are ongoing to maintain market access for these commodities affected by the phase out of dimethoate
Apples and pears (including nashi), summerfruit (apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums), avocadoes, kiwifruit, persimmons and strawberries to Thailand With the implementation of Thailand's legislation that has strengthened its import procedures, Australia has continued to defend access for these commodities
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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