Appendix 6: Advertising and market research

​Payments over $11 900 (including GST) to advertising agencies, market research organisations, polling organisations, direct mail organisations and media advertising organisations are set out in Table 42.

The department did not undertake any advertising campaigns in 2011–12.

Table 42 Advertising and market research in 2011–12
Organisation Description Expenditure

Advertising agencies—creative head hours billed

Market research organisations
$289 463
Sweeney Research Research into ABARES publications and ABARES stakeholders
($38 232)
Instinct and Reason Research to understand awareness, attitudes and behaviours relating to on-farm credits and carbon farming ($59 000)
Instinct and Reason Report on outreach and extension networks in the land management community ($115 500)  
Colmar Brunton Social Research Research to understand staff attitudes towards the proposed DAFF Enterprise Agreement 2011–14 ($40 431)  
Taylor Nelson Sofres Australia Research to inform change communication ($36 300)  

Polling organisations
$31 190
Australian Election Company Two ballots undertaken to ascertain support among staff for approval of the DAFF Enterprise Agreement 2011–14  

Direct mail organisations a
$14 365
Blue Star Print Group Australia For distribution and fulfilment of biosecurity brochure orders  

Media advertising organisations—including recruitment and tender notices
$617 886
Adcorp Australia Purchase all of DAFF's non-campaign advertising and recruitment advertising nationwide ($596 300)  
Universal McCann (Mediabrands Australia) Online advertising to raise awareness of the live animal export website. Classified as operational advertising and compliant with Australian Government requirements ($21 586)  
Total $952 904

a Although the requirements for annual reports (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, June 2012) stipulate that amounts be reported ex-postage, the amounts reported here will include some postage costs—because of the way the supplier describes and invoices services and the way the department codes and records expenditure, respectively. The supplier pays the Australia Post costs and then recoups the cost from the department.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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