Abbreviations and acronyms

​Abbreviation/acronym Definition
AAGIS annual Australian agricultural and grazing industries survey
AANZFTA ASEAN–Australia–New Zealand Free Trade Agreement
AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal
AAWS Australian Animal Welfare Strategy
ABARES Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ACERA Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis
ACLEI Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity
AECL Australian Egg Corporation Limited
AEMIS Australian Export Meat Inspection System
AFMA Australian Fisheries Management Authority
AHA Animal Health Australia Limited
AJASN Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network
AMPC Australian Meat Processor Corporation Limited
ANAO Australian National Audit Office
AO Authorised Officer
APEC Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation
APL Australian Pork Limited
APS Australian Public Service
APSC Australian Public Service Commission
APVMA Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
AQIS Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
AQUAVETPLAN Australian Aquatic Veterinary Emergency Plan
ARA Australasian Reporting Awards
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
AusAID Australian Agency for International Development
AUSVETPLAN Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan
AWHN Australian Wildlife Health Network
AWI Australian Wool Innovation Limited
AWS Australian Weeds Strategy
BCP DAFF Business Continuity Plan
BICON Biosecurity Import Conditions database
BioSIRT Biosecurity, Surveillance, Incident Response and Tracing
BPS burnt pine longicorn beetle
CAAS Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
CCAP Climate Change Adjustment Program
CCAPP Climate Change Adaptation Partnerships Program
CCRP Climate Change Research Program
CCSBT Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna
CDDA Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration
CFI Carbon Farming Initiative
CMC Change Management Committee
COAG Council of Australian Governments
CRDC Cotton Research and Development Corporation
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
DAFF Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
DCCEE Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
DHS Department of Human Services
DoFD Department of Finance and Deregulation
DoHA Department of Health and Ageing
EADRA Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement
EC Exceptional Circumstances
EMT Executive Management Team
EMWG Emergency Management Working Group
EPBC Act Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
EPPR Emergency Plant Pest Response
EPPRD Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed
ESCAS Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System
ESD ecologically sustainable development
EU European Union
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAWO Federation of Australian Wool Organisations
FFA Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency
FMA Act Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
FOI Act Freedom of Information Act 1982
FOI freedom of information
FTA free trade agreement
FRDC Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
FSANZ Food Standards Australia New Zealand
FWPA Forest and Wood Products Australia
FWPC Forestry and Wood Products Council
GDP gross domestic product
GRDC Grains Research and Development Corporation
GST goods and services tax
GTEM ABARES’ global computable general equilibrium model
GVG Green Vehicle Guide
GWRDC Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation
HAL Horticulture Australia Limited
IAC International Agricultural Cooperation program
ICON Import Conditions database
ICT information and communication technology
IGAB Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity
IIGB Interim Inspector-General of Biosecurity
IOTC Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
IPAA Institute of Public Administration Australia
IPPC International Plant Protection Convention
IPS Information Publication Scheme
ITTO International Tropical Timber Organization
IUU illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
JMPR Joint Expert Meeting on Pesticide Residues
LAL Landcare Australia Limited
LIP Label Integrity Program
LiveCorp Australian Livestock Export Corporation Limited
LTAWP Live Trade Animal Welfare Partnership
MAFTA Malaysia–Australia Free Trade Agreement
MCAS–S Multi Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support
MDBA Murray–Darling Basin Authority
MERI monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement
MICoR Manual of Importing Country Requirements
MLA Meat and Livestock Australia Limited
MoU memorandum of understanding
MRLs maximum residue limits
NAIDOC National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee
NBC National Biosecurity Committee
NEBRA National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement
NCST National Committee on Soil and Terrain
NMG National Management Group
NRM natural resource management
NRS Act National Residue Survey Administration Act 1992
NRS National Residue Survey
NRWC National Rural Women’s Coalition
OAIC Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
OCVO Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer
ODA official development assistance
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OH&S Occupational Health and Safety
OH&S Act Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991
OIE World Organisation for Animal Health
OIV International Organisation of Vine and Wine
OMI own motion investigation
PACER Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations
PAU Procurement Advisory Unit
PBS Portfolio Budget Statements
PHA Plant Health Australia Limited
PIC public information campaign
PIMC Primary Industries Ministerial Council
PISC Primary Industries Standing Committee
PSFP Protective Security Policy Framework
PSM Public Service Medal
PSTVd Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid disease
PVS Performance of Veterinary Services
R&D research and development
RD&E research, development and extension
RFA Regional Forest Agreement
RFCS Rural Financial Counselling Service
RIRDC Rural Industries Research Development Corporation
RIS Regulation Impact Statement
RLF Regional Landcare Facilitator
SCoPI Standing Council on Primary Industries
SES Senior Executive Service
SEWPaC Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
SFA statutory funding agreement
SPS sanitary and phytosanitary
SRDC Sugar Research and Development Corporation
TAFTA Thailand–Australia Free Trade Agreement
TERN Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network
TPP Trans–Pacific Partnership Agreement
TSEs transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
UK United Kingdom
UN United Nations
US United States of America
WEA Wheat Exports Australia
WHS Act Work Health and Safety Act 2011
WTO World Trade Organization
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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