Program 1.8: Dairy industry

​Program objective

  • foster and enable a productive, profitable, internationally competitive and sustainable dairy industry.

Program description

Dairy is Australia’s third largest rural industry. We were responsible for policy and programs that address national and international issues affecting Australia’s dairy industry. We worked closely with the industry to improve its responsiveness to the range of domestic and international issues that affect production. We administered dairy quotas to the European Union and the United States. We also undertook policy and program development to encourage industry innovation.

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Key performance indicators

Table 9 Program 1.8—Dairy industry—key performance indicators
Key performance indicator 2012–13 target Performance
2012–13 2011–12 2010–11
Effective policies, programs and regulations that contribute to enhanced productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability Accurate and timely advice provided a Met
Engage with domestic and international stakeholders on dairy issues Five meetings a Met
Allocation of quota to dairy industry in accordance with legislation 100% Met Met Met
All levy funds paid to Dairy Australia Limited 100% Met Met Met
Timely and effective engagement with Dairy Australia Limited to ensure compliance with statutory funding agreement (SFA) and relevant legislation and to discuss industry activities Two meetings Met Met Met
Timely finalisation of a new SFA Implement new SFA a Met
Scientific and economic research
Underpinning research, advice, forecasts, projects, products and data services are delivered on time, within budget and are of high quality 85% a Met

a New performance indicator.


Building international trade ties

DAFF and Dairy Australia attended the fifth Australia–China dairy talks in Beijing in August 2012. The talks provided an opportunity to discuss policy, trade and bilateral cooperation in the dairy sector.

We also led the delegation to the 28th Australia–Japan dairy talks in Melbourne in September 2012. Japan is Australia’s largest dairy export market by value. The talks provided an opportunity to discuss the supply of dairy products and trends in consumer preferences. Dairy Australia also participated in the discussions.

Supporting Dairy Australia

We worked with Dairy Australia to finalise a new statutory funding agreement for 2013–17. The new agreement incorporates recommendations from the Rural Research and Development Policy Statement, aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in the research and development corporation model.

Dairy Australia met all of its statutory obligations in 2012–13.

Sid Sidebottom (centre) with Glenn and Roma Britnell at Briland dairy farms

The Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Hon. Sid Sidebottom MP, had the opportunity to see a dairy success story, with a visit to Briland dairy farms in Victoria’s Warrnambool region. Since starting up a little over a decade ago, Glenn and Roma Britnell have grown their business to produce more than six million litres of milk a year, and are exporting to overseas markets.

Sid Sidebottom (centre) with Glenn and Roma Britnell at Briland dairy farms.

Photo: DAFF

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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