Strategic statement

​​Our mission

We work to sustain the way of life and prosperity of all Australians.

We lead the development of policy advice and provide services to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and related industries.

We help people and goods move in and out of Australia while managing the risks to the environment and animal, plant and human health.

Our vision

For the Australian people Safe and secure food choices

For our portfolio industries Globally competitive and sustainable industries

For our department A smart place, with smart people

Our goals

Resources Ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources

Productivity Improving the competitiveness of portfolio industries

Markets Enabling trade in goods

Our culture

We, individually and as a department, promote and uphold the APS Values and Code of Conduct. To achieve our goals, we aspire to be:

Leaders We willingly tackle important issues

Creative We are open to doing things differently to achieve success

Future thinkers We anticipate and adapt to new situations

Compassionate We are mindful of the impact we have on others

Responsive We make things happen

Collaborative We build on our partnerships to succeed

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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