Appendix 6 National Residue Survey Annual Report

​ The National Residue Survey (NRS) monitors residues of agricultural and veterinary chemicals and environmental contaminants in Australian food commodities. This monitoring is largely industry funded, through levies on the commodities that are tested.

The NRS tests animal commodities including cattle, sheep and pigs; camels; deer; goats; horses; kangaroos; poultry; ratites (emus and ostriches); wild boars; honey; eggs; and aquatic species (both aquaculture and wild-caught seafood).

In horticulture, the apple, pear, citrus, almond, macadamia and onion industries all participate in NRS testing.

The NRS grains programme covers cereals (wheat, barley, oat, maize, sorghum and triticale); pulses (chickpea, cow pea, pigeon pea, field pea, faba bean, lentil, vetch, navy bean, mung bean, lupin); and oilseeds (canola, sunflower, soybean, safflower, linseed).

Information about NRS activities in 2013-14 is reported in Programme 2.1.

Under section 10 of the National Residue Survey Administration Act 1992 (the NRS Act), the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is required to provide an annual report to Parliament, setting out details of the operation of the NRS Account. Tables 38 to 41 provide the annual report for the NRS and include key financial information in accordance with the NRS Act.

Table 38 National Residue Survey–summary of results for all random monitoring programmes in 2013-14
CommoditySamples testedCompliance with relevant Australian Standards (%)
Animal products (30 products sampled)
Meat, eggs, honey and aquatic species12 63599.81
Plant products (27 products sampled)
Grains6 13799.17
Horticulture1 08799.45

Table 39 National Residue Survey–revenue and expenses


Sale of goods and rendering of services293210
Interest on investments540700
Levies10 4429 553
Revenue from government184175
Total revenue 11 459 10 638
Employee benefits1 7681 888
Analytical testing7 1906 828
Other3 7574 244
Total expenses 12 714 12 960
Surplus / (deficit) (1 255) (2 322)

Table 40 National Residue Survey–assets, liabilities and equity


Trade and other receivables9561 039
Investments12 50013 500
Intangibles and other assets2 5092 547
Total assets 15 965 17 086
Suppliers and other payables1 2501 101
Employee provisions and other liabilities848862
Total liabilities 2 098 1 963
Reserves13 31114 569
Total equity 13 867 15 123

Table 41 Transactions in and out of the National Residue Survey Account


Balance brought forward from previous period 879 1 700
Appropriation for reporting period184175
Costs recovered10 5929 756
Other receipts14 11115 838
Total receipts 24 887 25 769
Payments made to employees(1 781)(1 952)
Payments made to suppliers(9 240)(9 974)
Payments made to grant recipients(1 275)(1 150)
Payments made to other(114)(14)
Investments made from the Special Account (FMA Act s. 39) a(12 500)(13 500)
Total payments made (24 909) (26 590)
Total balance carried to the next period 857 879
a The NRS Special Account separately holds investments on behalf of the Commonwealth, which are disclosed in Note 29B of the Department of Agriculture Financial Statements. These have not been included in the balance carried forward

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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