Programme 1.6 Wool industry

​Programme objective

  • foster and enable a productive, profitable, internationally competitive and sustainable wool industry.

Programme description

Australia is one of the world's largest wool producers, producing around 20 per cent of greasy wool sold on the world market. We aimed to ensure industry needs were considered in the development of policy and advice to government. We also supported the wool industry to improve its responsiveness to a range of domestic and international issues, including policy and production issues.

More information is available on the department's website.

Key performance indicators

Table 7 Programme 1.6—Wool industry—key performance indicators
Key performance indicator 2013–14 target Performance
Effective policies, programmes and regulations that contribute to enhanced productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainabilityAccurate and timely advice providedMetMet-
Engage with domestic and international stakeholders on wool issues5 meetingsMetMet-
Requests under woolpack regulations are actioned in a timely and accurate manner100%MetMetMet
All levy funds paid to Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI)100%MetMetMet
Timely and effective engagement with AWI to ensure compliance with the statutory funding agreement and relevant legislation and to discuss industry activities2 meetingsMetMet-
Integrated scientific and economic research–underpinning research, advice, forecast, projects, products and data services meet stakeholder expectations and are delivered within agreed timelines and in line with international research standards85%MetMet-


Supporting the wool industry

Federation of Australian Wool Organisations

We continued to work with the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations on wool industry issues. In March 2014, the Federation received an Australian Biosecurity Award in recognition of its outstanding contribution to maintaining Australia's biosecurity integrity.

Australian Wool Innovation Limited

We negotiated a new statutory funding agreement with Australian Wool Innovation. We also supported the minister in ensuring the company met its statutory obligations during 2013-14.

The department attended three of Australian Wool Innovation's Woolgrower Industry Consultative Committee meetings as an observer. These meetings bring together wool industry bodies to discuss key industry issues.

Regulating woolpack imports

The Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 prohibit the import of woolpacks unless permission has been granted by the Minister for Agriculture or an authorised person, or the packs have been certified as conforming to the Australian Wool Exchange standard. In 2013–14, the department approved 18 woolpack requests.

Importers must demonstrate woolpacks entering the country meet strict industry manufacturing requirements. We collaborated with the Australian Wool Exchange in a trial of a new woolpack standard.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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